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How to Be a Good Student in College

Updated on March 12, 2014

What is College

First let us talk about college. I know you already knew about what college is. College is very important. College is just a stage of education where you will be specializing in a single course. You will be choosing in what course to take. There are a lot of courses like courses in Engineering, Education, Business Administration, Arts and Sciences, and many more.


College is just another education where people have to enroll. Education is a great thing for people. It can either be learn at home or at colleges. It is good to have a degree. If you finish your degree then you can take another course or take masters degree and proceed to doctorate. Since early times there were education system. Library is an important tool for education. Books are important for learning. Learning is education. The one who give education are the teachers. Teachers are important and once they had been a college student of their respective course.

When will you start college?

You start your college after finishing high school. We will just talk briefly about high school. High school is said to be the secondary high school. In our country high school takes about 4 years to finished that is if you didn't failed in those 4 straight years of going to high school. After you graduated to high school then you can now apply for college. You will choose were to go to college.

There are colleges that are universities and going to university colleges are a good choice. There are also cheap college which is community college. It is cheap because the tuition are cheap and mostly community college is owned by the government; so it is government funded. In entering college most had an entrance examination for qualifying in the college schools. Great universities may have higher standards like you can't get in to a certain college if you don't get the desired score.


Qualities of a Good Student in College

1. Goal Oriented

Achieving a goal requires hard work. When you want to reach the goal you need a lot of discipline and you strive hard and practice it to be a good student one day at a time. There are lots of hindrances to achieve your goal. You will need a lot of work to achieve your goal.

2. Had a Great Discipline

Discipline is important to being a good student it college. With discipline you will need to be consistently studying for if you will not you will surely fail in quizzes and exams.

3. Optimistic

You need to be positive thinker and always go forward. You need to think of positive things for you to achieve what you want.

4. Valued Time

Time is gold as what they say. A student must learn time management. He should set his priorities right and that is to finish his studies. Failing is not an option because if you failed then you will need to get that subject and it is a waste of time and money.

5. God fearing

Most of us have a religion and we trust on God. Let God have a great impact in your life and continue studying. Love God and fear God.

There are other great qualities for a student should have. Life is what we make. We choose a course in college and would determine our profession. We choose what we want and that may be our profession for the rest of our life. Jobs are important and most jobs nowadays need a college degree. So it is really important to have a college degree.

Good Vs. Bad Habits of a College Students

Good Vs. Bad Habits of a College Students

What are good habits and bad habits of a college students. As early as childhood education we develop good and bad habits. In early education like in elementary we usually have early classes like waking up early in the morning. Unlike in college you there is blocking or choosing of subjects like you want to choose a class that is not too early in the morning. Waking up late can be a bad habit if you have early classes. Classes can go early as 6 pm for physical education subjects but normally 7:30 in the morning for most subjects. It is lucky to have a class not early in the morning if you are not a morning person. If you are a morning person then an early class in the morning is not a big problem. Making assignments too late is not a good practice and sometimes we forget to make assignments. It happen sometimes. Notes are important especially to remind us of homework or assignment. An educational video is made at the right side and it is hosted in Youtube and you might want to view it as an inspirational and educational video. Having a part time job can be a good part and you have to keep healthy as you try to cope up with the subject while having a part time job. A student assistant can be an option for those who want to support themselves but there would be more application of students surely for it.


How Long Will You Graduate?

Bachelors degree course is usually four years unless it is trimesters then 4 year course can be taken up to 3 years that is provided that you had passed all the subjects. Repeating or failing a subject can be a depressing experience. You have to study hard in order not to fail. It would be such a waste of time and money. There are some students who didn't finish college or called the college drop out. There are college drop out who became successful and you know who like college drop out who became billionaires. There are 5 years course and it is a long course just 1 year added to a bachelors degree. There are also bachelor of arts degree and bachelor of science. Good luck to college students. Follow your dreams and pursue your dreams.

What course do you like in college?

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