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How to Decide What Major To Choose

Updated on August 27, 2015

Determining The Best Major For You

In your senior year of high school, you may have spoke with teachers/counselors about your plans after high school, and maybe your plans were to pursue a higher education. In high school, your teachers/counselors may have followed up with asking about your choice of major. If you're anything like me, you may have been unsure about what major may have been right for you. That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it's important to at least ponder about, and to make an informative decision upon entering college because it saves time and money. For instance, if you know you would like to pursue a degree in medicine then it's important that you get into the proper classes right away.

Your interest may change when you take prerequisite classes, so nothing is for sure set in stone. I discovered that I liked science and working with people before entering college, which led me to believe in pursuing a degree in social work. Unfortunately, I did not meet with my college adviser earlier enough to set me on the right track in pursuing that degree.

With the support of my college adviser, I discovered that I did well in my American Ethnic Studies (AES) classes, and I also enjoyed taking them. I did not need to apply to get into this program, so I declared a degree in AES.

This demonstrates that many people may not know what major is best for them, and it may take some exploring. However, you should keep in mind how timely and costly that may be, and that is why I provided a list of things to think about to save you time and money.

Steps in Choosing Your Major:

1.) Consider Your Passions/Interests/Values

2.) Consider Subjects You Liked or Excelled at

3.) Consider the Likelihood of Jobs

4.) Decide What Type of Degree You Want

I suggest as you keep these things in mind, you make a list of some of your responses, so you can make an informative decision that saves you time and money before entering college.

Explore Your Options:

1.) Research schools that have the program you are interested in

2.) Find out what classes you may enjoy taking in college

3.) Talk with an Academic Adviser that can help you weigh out the best choice of majors for you


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