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How to Enjoy a Homework-Free Weekend

Updated on May 21, 2013
Don't let homework stand in the way of having a relaxing weekend.  Learn how to get your homework done before the weekend.
Don't let homework stand in the way of having a relaxing weekend. Learn how to get your homework done before the weekend. | Source

A homework free weekend is what every student strives for. Even for me, being a college student, I yearn for those weekends that I don't have to worry about anything school related. To most students, a homework free weekend is something they've only heard about in fairy tales. It's a figment of their imagination. In reality, using time management to your advantage can allow you to have a homework free weekend quite often.

Using Time Management for Homework

Time management can be hard. Even for me, a person who claims to have a grip on time management gets lost sometimes. But, using time management, especially with homework, is important to having a homework free weekend.

First thing you should do is either make or purchase a planner. If you can't afford one, just use a piece of paper and write dates on it. You should mark on your planner when your homework is due. Got it? Good. Now, decide how long it will take for you to do that homework. If it's a worksheet, it shouldn't take more than a day to complete it. On the other hand, an essay or a huge project will probably take a few days to a week to complete.

Keep in mind your deadlines and write in your planner when you should do your homework. Try not to write in homework for the weekend if possible. Sometimes, you just can't help but do homework on the weekend, especially if it's a huge project. That's okay! You more than likely cannot have a homework free weekend every weekend.

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Procrastination and Homework

If you want to have a homework free weekend, you absolutely cannot procrastinate. I know sometimes it can be hard. I am probably the queen of procrastination. As such, most of the time I have homework during the weekend.

A way to stop procrastination is to do a little bit of your homework at a time. Don't decide to do all your homework in one night. That is rough and you will get frustrated quickly. Adjust your work load as needed. If you feel you can take on more homework assignments in one night, do so. If you feel like it's stressful, take some away. Just be sure to tack it onto another night.

Relaxing after Homework

After your homework is done, it's time to relax. Put everything away where it belongs and keep it there. You're done with your homework! Well done.

Now is the time to spend time with your family or do something you want to do for you. Don't stress about your homework. You have no reason to!

If you are a college student, be mindful of deadlines. Especially if you are doing online classes, most deadlines are on Sundays. Make sure you turn in your homework on time.

Enjoying your Homework-Free Weekend

Now that you are done with your homework, it's time to enjoy your time. Put your homework away so you don't forget to turn it in. Now is the time to spend time with your family or do something relaxing.

Crack open that book that has been sitting by your bed for weeks or finally play that game that you've been meaning to play forever now. You've deserved it.

Be mindful if you are college student. Some deadlines are during the weekend. For me, my deadlines for homework for my online classes are on Sundays. Remember, if you don't turn in your homework, all your hard work will be for naught.


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