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How to Find Jobs and Work in Medical Billing and Coding for Insurance

Updated on December 30, 2014

Canada vs. America

Medical billing , medical coding , and medical billing and coding jobs are in fairly high demand in the USA during 2010. This phenomenon is in part because of the aging of the population overall and its related need for healthcare in quanities greater than that required by younger population cohorts. In addition, the US Presidential Administration has stimulated additional health and medical resources be made available to a larger proportion of the US population overall, leading to higher numbers of medical procedures completed daily. Each case recorded must be coded and retained on file, leading to new jobs in coding and billing for health and medical insurance reasons as well as standed practice in medical records preparation and retention.

In Canada, very few of any of these coding and billing designations are found in job searches across the Internet. Billing and coding are, however, often handled by a Medical Receptionist, of which there are a substantially larger numbers listed for Canada.

American Medical Receptionists, according to job descriptions listed and compeired on and Indeed Canada differ. The aAmerican position does not often perform medical billing and coding, whereas the Canadian Medical Receptionist seems often to do.

Top Hiring Companies

  1. Office Team
  2. Diversified Staffing Solutions and Diversified Staffing Services
  3. AC Recruiting
  4. Vancouver Coastal Health Authority
  5. Times-Colonist (newspaper) Ad
  6. Provincial Health Services Authority
  7. STARTEK Canada


Medical Receptionist Jobs in Canada

Thwe list of cities below possess the greatest number of job listings for Medical Receptionist in the nation, in order of greater number to lesser. Cities in BOLD TYPE are also those that are deisngiated 2010 Best Cities for Living in Canada by MoneySense Personal Financial Website .

  1. Calgary AB
  2. Edmonton AB
  3. Toronto ON
  4. Ottawa ON
  5. Vancouver BC
  6. Victoria BC
  7. Mississauga ON
  8. Winnipeg MB
  9. Montréal QC
  10. Saskatoon SK
  11. Halifax NS
  12. Englehart ON
  13. Coquitlam BC
  14. Waterloo ON


Increases in Related American Job Listings

Data provided by job search and trending engine.
Data provided by job search and trending engine. | Source

Medical Billing Jobs

New York City is the leading metro area of the USA for Medical Billing jobs, listing over twice the number posted by second place Boston, Massachusets. A total of 14 cities or metro areas list substantial quantities of medical billing jobs, as listed below, left.

Job Titles

Specificai job titles under the classification and responsbilities of Medical Billing including the following listed titles:

  1. Medical Billing and Coding
  2. Medical Biller
  3. Medical Records ROI Specialist
  4. Medical Billing Specialist
  5. Medical Billing Associate
  6. Medical Billing Clerk
  7. Business Security Consultant
  8. Reimbursement Manager
  9. Director of Revenue Cycle & Business Analysis
  10. Medical Billing and Coding and Receptionist

Location in America

Ciites haivng the largest numbers of listigns for medical billings jobs:

  1. New York NY - Number One state for jobs overall.
  2. Boston MA
  3. Seattle WA
  4. Atlanta GA
  5. Phoenix AZ
  6. Chicago IL
  7. Los Angeles CA
  8. Houston TX
  9. Pittsburgh PA
  10. York PA
  11. Baltimore MD
  12. Billings MT
  13. Dallas TX
  14. Philadelphia PA

Companies Hiring the Largest Number of Medical Billers in the United States

  1. Planned Parenthood - PLANNED PARENTHOOD is listing more medical billing positions than other medical companies and recuiters.
  2. Health Career Choices
  3. Medical Careers Online
  4. Accountemps
  5. Robert Half Finance & Accounting
  6. Ajilon Finance
  7. Rotech Healthcare
  8. Medical Careers Direct
  9. McKesson
  10. Companies tied for the #10 spot: ACG Inc.; Walgreens; Aerotek Professional Services; AppleOne


Medical Coding Job Titles

  1. Medical Records ROI Specialist
  2. Medical Coder
  3. Home Therapies RN (Registered Nurse)
  4. Coding Specialist
  5. Coder
  6. Director of Revenue Cycle & Business Analysis
  7. Reimbursement
  8. HIM Manager
  9. Coding Auditor
  10. Medical Coder - Inpatient
  11. Medical Billing and Coding Receptionist
  12. Medical Coder - Outpatient
  13. Coding Quality Manager

Locations with Most Jobs

The cities with the most advertised medical coding jobs is similar to the above list of medical billing positions.

  1. New York NY
  2. Atlanta GA
  3. Phoenix AZ
  4. Chicago IL
  5. Houston TX
  6. San Antonio TX
  7. Seattle WA
  8. Boston MA
  9. Washington DC
  10. San Francisco
  11. Los Angeles
  12. Cleveland OH
  13. Las Vegas NV

Companies Listing the Largest Numbers of Coding Jobs

  1. Maxim Coding Solutions
  2. Planned Parenthood
  3. Kforce Professional Staffing
  4. Kaiser Permanente
  5. Sedgwick Claims Management Services
  6. Fresenius Medical Care
  7. HealthPort
  8. UnitedHealth Group
  9. Health Career Choices
  10. Aerotek
  11. Medical Careers Online
  12. Amedisys
  13. Brookdale Senior Living

Good News

Growth Jobs

  • SBBColleges New Medical Program at Bakersfield Campus is a HIT -- Santa Barbara Business College has begun enrolling students into a new medical program offered at their Bakersfield campus in California. The Health Information Technology program, abbreviated HIT, is the latest degree program added to the college's catalog of medical training.
  • SBBCollege Bakersfield
    5300 California Avenue, Bakersfield, CA 93309
    Phone: 1.866.749.SBBC


These types of jobs are contained in the category Clinical Codes and Coding.

Top Employers

  1. Boots
  2. Sammons Group and Josephine Sammons
  3. White Recruitment
  5. UK Healthcare Professionals
  6. Flame Health
  7. AXESS
  8. British Jobs
  9. Professional Social Care Solutions
  10. Equal Approach
  11. Dynamic Selection

Top Related Jobs Titles

  1. Registered General Nurses (RGNs)
  2. Clinical Managers
  3. Nurses - several specializes are in high demand.
  4. Registered Nurses (RNs)
  5. Theatre Scrub Nurses
  6. Registered Medical Practitioners
  7. Operating Department Practitioners
  8. Substance Misuse Nurses
  9. Home Managers (Nurses)
  10. Optometrists



Top Locations with Related Job Listings

  1. London
  2. Nottingham
  3. Manchester
  4. West Midlands
  5. Birmingham
  6. Oxford
  7. Southampton
  8. Essex
  9. Surrey
  10. Kent
  11. Hampshire
  12. Liverpool
  13. County of Surrey

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      Coding clerks in the NHS are better paid clerical jobs

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