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How to Get a High Score in Scrabble

Updated on July 15, 2012

High Scrabble Scores

We love Scrabble! It is one of our favourite family games to play together on a winter evening beside the fire, or recently in the iphone version as Words with Friends. Sometimes while waiting for our order to come in a restaurant, we take turns passing the iphone across the table to play the classical 7-tile word game that is a variation of a collaborative crossword puzzle.

So what are the tricks of the experts? How does a person play high score scrabble and get to scores over 300 in a game of Scrabble?

Strategies to Get High Scrabble Scores

1. Learn the Official Word Lists for two-letter and three-letter words. These are lists accepted by competitions as legitimate words in international Scrabble tournaments. If you know these words, moves open up for you where you can play one set of tiles, and count the words both ways.

Knowing the Scrabble Official Word List for two-letter words let this player add AG to WINE, and score for AB as well.
Knowing the Scrabble Official Word List for two-letter words let this player add AG to WINE, and score for AB as well. | Source

Numbers or Words?

Do you prefer word games, like crosswords, Scrabble and Words with Friends, or number games, like Sudoku?

See results

2. Learn the Official Word Lists for the words that have Q not followed by U:

Buqsha (s)

Qat (s)

Qaid (s)








Sheqel (Sheqalim)


Qiviut (s)



3. Use S to make two words at once--pluralize one word while you form another at right angles.

4. Look for Hooks, or ways you can add to words played to form new words. Here are some examples:





Spotting the opportunity to play a Hook let this player add ST to AB to make STAB.
Spotting the opportunity to play a Hook let this player add ST to AB to make STAB. | Source
level of skill
skilled player
over 300
What level of skill do you play at? Scrabble scores will vary depending on number of players in the game.

5. Aim to cover a bonus tile at every move. These include double letter, triple letter, double word, or triple word. Some players have covered two triples with one seven-letter word, thus earning the "Triple-triple" score, which effectively earns 9X the score of the face value of the letters played.

6. Aim to play a 'Bingo." Use all your seven tiles at a move, and earn the bonus of 50 points. If you are playing the nine-tile game, playing 7,8 or 9 tiles earns the bonus 50 points.

7. Mix your tiles up often and look for new combinations that might form words. Common clusters in English are: br, ch, cl, dle, ed, ent, ful, ght, ing, nk, kle, mis, ism, ium, mb, mp, nd, pr, rl, re, str, th, un, ive, and ous.

Scrabble Trivia

  • was invented in 1938 by Alfred Mosher Butts, an American Architect
  • became popular in 1952 when president of Macy's Department store played it, liked it, and started to carry it in the store.
  • was inducted into The National Toy Hall of Fame in 2004.

What Is the Highest Scrabble Score?

The highest score recorded was 830 points in a freak game by two recreational players who are not competitive players and not especially good. Michael Cresta, a carpenter, and his opponent, Wayne Yorra, a deli attendant at a supermarket, played their record-breaking game in October, 2006, in Lexington, Massachussetts. The players set two other records with that game, as well: the most total points in a game (1,320) and the most points on a single turn, for Cresta's word QUIXOTRY, which was a BINGO, covered two triple word bonus squares, and used the high scoring Q and X tiles. Read more details here.


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    • profile image

      ElleBee 5 years ago

      I agree! I don't think I would ever become a "regular" on the competitive Scrabble tournament, but I think it would be fun to try out a couple times.

    • Janis Goad profile image

      Janis Goad 5 years ago

      That sounds like fun. I have never entered a tournament. I usually play for fun, but I like it when I play with someone who is pretty good.

    • profile image

      ElleBee 5 years ago

      I love Scrabble! I read the book Word Freak about competitive Scrabble playres a few months ago, and it put me on a big Scrabble fiend for a while. I think my new goal is to find a tournament to enter!

    • Janis Goad profile image

      Janis Goad 5 years ago

      Thank you for your support, GoodLady, and for pinning, punching and pegging. Let's start a game!

    • GoodLady profile image

      Penelope Hart 5 years ago from Rome, Italy

      Would love to take you on! It is our favorite game. JUST in case my mother doesn't have all your lists this Hub will go to her. And it is being pinned and punched and pegged! Wonderful!