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How to Have a Retentive Memory and Never Forget Anything

Updated on January 24, 2016

An old woman deep in thought

Old people tend to lose their memory - Image of an old woman thinking
Old people tend to lose their memory - Image of an old woman thinking | Source

Aging and memory

Things that determine aging affects our retentive memory. Age impacts negatively on memory with old people having a difficult time remembering things.

Old age is part of life but doing certain things reduces the effect of aging on memory. Scientist has found that everyday activity that includes exercise, eating habits contributes to memory.

Some poll carried out on about 18,000 people across America showed clear indications that behavioral habits impacted positively and negatively on memory.

Children reading

Children in a school in Egypt reading story books-Image of children reading
Children in a school in Egypt reading story books-Image of children reading | Source

Assorted fruits and vegetables

Assorted fruits and vegetables make a balanced diet
Assorted fruits and vegetables make a balanced diet | Source

How to improve your memory


Reading is a very effective way to improve memory because you keep the mind active. You can read books, magazines, newspapers or other interesting material.

Reading keeps the mind busy while you learn new things and are current to events around you. Keeping the mind busy is an effective way of improving memory.

Get organized

Putting things in designated places helps you find them easier when the items are needed. Map out permanent locations for items you use daily like keys, toothbrushes, hairbrushes, wallets and cell phones.

By getting organized the mind easily makes an association with the location when searching for them. Getting organized is a good way to remember locations of goods and items

Balanced diet

Eat a balanced diet to improve brain function and activity. Balanced diet helps the entire body work at optimum potential same applies to the brain.

Try to eat lots of vegetables, fruits, vegetable protein, fish oil and nuts. There are many advantages to eating a balanced diet one is better memory.

Fruits in a Supermarket

Lots of nicely preserved fruits in a supermarket
Lots of nicely preserved fruits in a supermarket | Source

How to develop a Super Memory

Associate things

Associating things with other things is an interesting way to boost your memory. Items associated might not have any direct correlation but is used to trigger a memory.

Look for things that interest you and are easy to remember and associate such things to common items. You will be surprised at the effectiveness of this technique.

Mathematical geniuses use this trick to remember difficult theorems and solutions.

Regular exercise

Regular exercise helps you keep fit same is expected of the mind. Keeping fit does not only impact positively on your well being but your entire body including the mind.

It also prevents laziness, sloppiness and helps boost your metabolism which affects your mind in positive ways.

Play board games

Scrabble board game
Scrabble board game | Source

Things that can help improve memory

1 Focus more

2 Learn memory techniques

3 Play word games

4 Regular exercise

5 Associate things

6 Eat a balanced diet

7 Get organized

8 Read more

You can improve your memory by doing some of the techniques listed above. Keep your mind active, eat a balanced diet, exercise more and you will have retentive memory.

Play board games

There are some board games that actually help you remember things better. Find interesting board games that has to do with words, spelling, and association.

Scrabble is a good board game to help remember spellings and old words.

Memory techniques

Use memory techniques that have to do with numbers and images. Images are very powerful and they can boost memory when properly harnessed.

There are many memory techniques developed for fun use and clinical trials. Find any home use memory package and use it to boost your memory.

Focus more

Focus more on details, faces, locations and events that happen around your vicinity. Focusing on them helps your memory remember details you didn’t know were their.

Students can focus on lectures by listening attentively instead of mechanically writing notes. The mind is built to remember and store things so using it makes studying easier.

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