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How to Improve Intelligence

Updated on April 17, 2011

Be Like Einstein? Possible!

Do you wonder sometimes why the likes of Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Stephen Hawking are so intelligent. They possess knowledge and analysis way better than so many people. We think that their intelligence are not duplicated and so they are the only ones who have the ability to think the deepest thoughts in the universe. This notion is pretty common for all of us. We believe that knowledge about different things especially those that are closely related to Science and Mathematics are meant solely to those geniuses and not for the common mind. This is completely wrong! You can be a genius too! Later on, I will suggest several steps and ways on how to improve your intelligence and be on your way of becoming a genius.

First and foremost, genius is not a matter of heredity but it is a matter of perseverance. If you look at something and then just interpret it the same as what you have heard others interpreted it before, you opened an idea that your perception about a certain thing is dependent of the other person's interpretation. Seen this way, as a unique individual, we have our own brain to use in analysing the things around us. Here are the things that you need to consider to improve your knowledge as well as your analytical skills and start your journey of becoming a genius!

1. Keep Reading Good and Informative Books

Most of us read books. That is a fact. There is also another fact that is very true to all of us - we do not like reading good books. I mean, not all of us but most of us do not read good books. What we usually read are those fictional books that ignites our imagination and let is become involved in the story. Friend, if you want to gain more knowledge about different things and evetually improving your common sense, read books that are informative and mind exercising. Books like encyclopedia, dictionary, The Bible, Inspirational Books and Educational Books. This way, we would have a grasp on what are the current truth about so many things. This will also improve your IQ! You know why? I will explain to you.

Our intelligence quotient or IQ is measured by utilizing a questionaire that you need to answer. Your score basically depends mostly on how much knowledge you have stuck in your mind. For example, on questions relating to vocabulary words, if you constantly read the dictionary and got so much knowledge about different words, you can answer many vocabulary-related questions rather than those who less read the dictionary. Got the idea?!

2. Do not waste a time

Common to us that if we encounter something new, we are curious about it but only few really seeks for the answer. We are tied unloose from procrastination. We always say that we have a lot of time for it later. But practicing this one is not good if you plan to increase your potential to become a genius. The moment you encounter something new, it will not forever remain in your mind which means that you forget it and relatively you will not know what's the truth behind that something. So if you encounter something new, make sure to consult right away to dictionaries, encyclopedias or you can ask someone who has knowledge about it!

3. Solve Puzzles and Cross Words

One of the best means of sharpening your mind and increasing your IQ is by solving puzzles and crosswords. This will ignite your logical mind to analyse how these puzzles and crosswords are going. It will create a sense of activity in your brain that is a good exercise. Don't you know that if our brain lacks constant exposure mind-twirling activities, it looses it sharpness within succeeding days.

4. Spend time to relax

Albeit it is very important to spend more time studying and analyzing things to enhance our knowledge, our brains, just like us, need some rest too! If our brain is on a constant and nonstop activity, it will also get tired and will not work well. Imagine yourself like you have worked the whole day without breaks and rests, what do you feel? You feel bored and tired. So as your brain! Our brain is the center of our body and so if the brain does not function well, so as everything. So spend time to relax and see for yourself the amazing results you can gain our from it! But don't just relax most of the time, it's another thing.


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    • zanin profile image

      zanin 6 years ago from London, England

      Enjoyed reading this this. As a result of reading this, I will try more crosswords and puzzle and encourage my children to them also. It is awesome that you advocate that we all can be geniuses and also give advice on how to do this. A big 'awesome for this hub.