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How to Maintain a Pool in Phoenix

Updated on May 7, 2010

Swimming Pool Cleaning Supplies

Pool Cleaning Supplies You'll Need

If you've ever lived in Phoenix or even visited on occasion, you probably know that there a pool for almost every home in the valley. With the summer heat, though it may not be mandatory, it sure does provide a whole lot of relief on a hot July day...not to mention, it provides a great source of entertainment for adults and children alike.

Along with having a swimming pool though comes the task of cleaning it. Afterall, how enjoyable is it when the water isn't clean or fresh. Fortunately there are pool cleaning supplies that make this task quite a bit easier. Here are the supplies you'll need to keep that water sparkling and refreshing all year long.

Tools that are considered more specialized for the job include leaf skimmers, leaf rakes, brushes, corner brushes, and pool sweeps. In addition there are grids and cartridges for the filter, motors and pumps, pool filters, and many more. Most of these accessories are a must have, especially for those who have trees around their pool. Leafs in the water can be very annoying and distracting, and should be removed on a frequent basis.

The biggest aspect to keeping your pool nice and clean is to make sure that the care of your water is always up to date. There are many pool chemicals used for water care that you can buy including balancing chemicals, sanitizer, chemicals to treat algae, stain treatment products, water testing kits, and saltwater systems.

Normally, chlorine is used as a sanitizer, as it helps to get rid of and prevent any organic material that exists in the water. By using chlorine in your pool, you will greatly reduce the load that organic material puts on the filter.

To get the right amount of chlorine feed, you’ll need to use hand feeding or tablet feeding. This will ensure that you get the right amount of chlorine in the water. Chlorine is also important for protecting skin, although you should try not to swallow water that has chlorine in it. There are saltwater chlorine generators out there as well, which are one of the most popular ways to get the right amount of chlorine in your water.

The regular maintenance of your pH balance and the right levels of alkalinity are also very important to keeping your pool clean. You should also make sure that you check your calcium as well. The pump that you use is also important, as it will prevent the waste of energy.

To make things easier on yourself, you can get an automatic pool cleaner that will do just about everything for you.

Keeping your water clean is also healthy for your skin, and anyone else who gets in your pool. You should always make sure that you have cleaning supplies on hand, and check your water on a frequent basis. You can get a pool testing kit for a little of nothing - which will more than pay for itself when you decide to check your water.

As long you use the proper cleaning supplies and products with your pool, you’ll be able to enjoy clean, clear, and fresh water whenever you decide to go swimming. It will also help keep the pool in premium condition during the dormant colder months as well.

If you need more tips on cleaning your pool, you can get them at how to maintain a pool

Enjoy the water!!!!   

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Swimming Pool Covers

Types of Swimming Pool Covers and Their Purpose

Covering a swimming pool helps provide protection for your pool.  But, along with protecting your swimming pool, covers have other uses as well.  You can get solar powered pool covers, which will help to keep your water warm from the heat of the sun and protect your pool at the same time.  For those looking for the best in protection, there are hard top swimming pool covers out there that are very sturdy and can keep just about anything out of your pool.

If you live in a warm climate area, you may want to get a basic plastic cover for your pool, which will keep it clean and protected. These covers will keep dust, dirt, and leaves out of your pool when you aren’t using it.  Depending on where you live and what needs you have, the cover you need will vary.

Covers for your swimming pool come in several different choices as well, such as net, mesh, vinyl, and so on.  Mesh pool covers are very popular, as they offer a tight fitting barrier which helps to keep your pool clean and free of debris, reduce maintenance, reduce evaporation, and keep your pool from unauthorized access. 

Vinyl pool covers on the other hand, provide an amazing source of security.  These pool covers operate via key, and help to keep debris out of your pool.  They are also great for insulating and retaining heat, along with reducing any loss of chemicals.  Vinyl is a very popular type of pool cover, being used by hundreds of thousands of pool owners.

No matter what type of pool cover you select, you can rest assured that it will do a lot in protecting your swimming pool.  They don’t cost you a lot of money, yet they can go a long way in helping to prevent a child from accidental drowning.  Depending on the type of swimming pool you have, the type of covers you have to choose from will vary.

From above ground pools to in ground pools, a swimming pool cover is something that you absolutely must have.  There are many different types available, designed to fit all swimming pools.  Before you buy a swimming pool cover you should first look at the package and make sure that it will work with your swimming pool.  Some types of swimming pool covers may not work with your swimming pool - which makes it all the more important to double check.

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