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How to Make Going to School Fun for Young Kids

Updated on March 10, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and have been teaching for more than 30 years. I also write fiction and non-fiction stories.

Some kids hate going to school:

2-year old kids are moody; you have to know how to handle them.
2-year old kids are moody; you have to know how to handle them.

Going to school for young kids

When you finally decide to send your kid to school, the first thing that you should consider is to test if your kid is ready to be sent to school.

First, determine if your child can go without you or an older person.

Second, make sure that your child is toilet-trained. This is because if your child is not yet toilet-trained, your child will be uncomfortable with a diaper on while in school.

Third, make sure that your child will understand what going to school is all about. Your child will stay in school for a few hours without you and whether you like it or not, he has to join some activities with other kids.

The first few days of the kid's first schooling is the most crucial, once it didn't go fine the whole school year could be a dilemma. To avoid having problems during the start of the school year and throughout, you must make sure that you have prepared your young child early on before he or she finally starts school.

If you have prepared your child for school early on, your child will have fun going to school and school would always be fun for your child. Unless of course something wrong goes along the way, even then your child would go fine in school.

Problems Often Occur

Going to school for young kids is often a tug of war. You can never tell if your child really wants to go to school. Sometimes, your child is all set to go to school and then suddenly your child changes his mind on your way to school. And you end up biting your teeth so as not to freak out and yell at your child.

Most children fear going to school. Some do not fear going to school but they hate going to school so you cannot force the child or else you are not helping the child but doing more damage to the child’s development.

When the child refuses to go to school, it will become a problem. Before that happens, you have to make going to school fun for your child.

When the child is having fun in school, there will be no more problems.

If problems occur, the first thing that you should do is to find out what the problem is all about. The earlier you discover the problem, the earlier it is given a solution to avoid more problems in the future.

Once a child is having fun, there is no more problem.

How can you make going to school fun for your child?

Start at Home

Start training your child to be motivated to go to school. Talk about good things about school. You can do some school work too. Make use of the activities online to train your child to do some school activities so that when your child is ready for school your child will have fun doing activities.

If you want to encourage your child to love going to school, make your child aware of the good things that he can enjoy in school. Tell your child about good friends, kind teachers, many toys and fun games and activities. Your child will be excited to experience these things in school.

Buy the Things that Your Child likes to Use

From the school bag to the pencil that your child needs in school; allow your child to choose them. Children have their favorite colors. They want their things to match. They choose the color of their bag, their pencil case, their pencils, their lunch box, etc. Let your child choose the things he wants but you can make some suggestions too.

There are young kids who love to be guided.

Help with the School Work

Helping your child with school work will make things easier for your child. When the child is not pressured with school work, he will enjoy school. Make sure that your child is coping so that he will have fun going to school.

When your child comes from school or if you fetch your child from school; don’t forget to ask how your child is doing in school. Children always tell about what they did and what happened in school. Your child will tell you if he likes school or he doesn’t. Whatever your child tells you; it is up for you to handle it. If he says, school is hard; you have to explain to him that it is not hard. You can cite examples that will show that school is fun.

Prepare your child’s favorite food

Cooking your child’s favorite food and sending him off to school with a full stomach will help your child have fun in school. A child cannot have fun in school with an empty stomach. If your child needs some packed food for school; prepare the food that your child likes to eat. Prepare the food in such a way that the food looks delicious so that your child will eat his food in school.

Bring your child to school

Children love it if their parents bring them to school. The presence of the parents even if it is only up to the gate of the school is enough inspiration for the young child in going to school. If you have the time, fetching your child from school is also a good way to make children love going to school.

These are all very simple things to do but it would make a huge difference in the young child's life. If you see that your child does not like going to school, find out what is causing it and do something immediately so as not to aggravate the situation.


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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I like to read " A Little Princess " for kids whom I babysit. They are rlaely very interest in it. Sometimes we do scenes for each chapter, so they have fun usually. That book is my favorite from my childhood too. So If you would like to read it, it will be Cool =) April 05, 2011

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      If we are talking about old sohcol, kindergarden times then any and all of the Clifford the Big Red Dog books (partially because I always wanted a dog and parents never let me). If we are going by elementary status then Where the Red Fern Grows (again partially because of my love of dogs. If we are talking middle sohcol then the Ender's Game series, mainly for is philosophical innuendos. Good question. April 01, 2011

    • profile image

      Allisa Soares 

      5 years ago

      I'm 10 just want to know how to have fun in school


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