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How to Make Long Lasting Classroom Posters & Signs

Updated on May 29, 2012

Grab those coupons

The first step to this project is to grab your coupons to Micheal's, JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby, or any craft store.

I was able to find these large canvas pieces for less than $5 - keep in mind that I will probably hand these in my classroom for the next 25 years or so. You are making a small investment into your classroom but also creating some creative and unique posters.

Canvas Posters

These two are 12" by 24" and I spent slightly more on them because I wanted them to be prominent in my classroom and I knew I would always have and use these.

I then sketched out how I wanted them to look and used permanent markers to outline and then color in the letters.

These are sturdy and durable and look great. I was able in my classroom to hang them with nails. My school has a no adhesive policy - which is the opposite of most schools. In previous schools I have found that using the command picture frame holders works wonders. If you go to the command site they even have coupons.


Embordery Hoops

I got these embroidery hoops on a close out sale for less than 25 cents a piece - what a steal. I bought a yard of fabric and cut square to the appropriate size of the hoop. Put the fabric in place and hung these hoops on the wall. I had a tiger theme in my classroom this years so this helped tie it all together. It is sometimes hard to tie in the school wide theme into my classroom but using the hoops helped me create a visual that was nice and the kids loved it.

Create Any Visual

Store bought posters are great but I prefer to make my own and display them as needed. I find the kids don't pay attention to the posters after they have been in the room awhile. I am sure we all know at least one teacher whose room hasn't changed in 20 years, the kids stop paying attention to what is around them because ti is simply a background. The multiplication chart may be one of the few posters that gets lasting looks.


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