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How to Master A New Language Fast And Smoothly

Updated on June 28, 2020

How to Understand Grammar Easily

Language learning process usually consists of 3 established parts: vocabulary, grammar and listening. Though grammar should be studied as is from its sources, I just can suggest to you easy techniques to understand it smoothly. The fastest method to study it by heart is to try to understand it by thinking about the counterpart of every rule of it in your language. I.e. time tenses, conditional rule…etc… That is to say, try to build a link between your mother tongue and the targeted language(only with regard to grammar) by visualizing the exact meaning of each rule of the targeted language but in your language. Why this method? Because grammar is the base of genuine structure of the sentence, If not correct, the whole meaning would differ whether when you talk or when you perceive written or verbal.

How to Acquire The Biggest Deal of Vocabulary Fast

Second, as far as vocabulary is concerned, the easiest way you can acquire a big deal of it is reading in a topic you are interested in. Search any topic you like to know about in the targeted language, at first you will face some hardship but the more you practice this technique, the more vocabulary you will get, and the faster you will understand any text. Besides, you will understand the rationale of the sentence structure of this language. Reading stories, novels of your choice, reading and listening to news channels in the targeted language everyday plays a significant role in learning languages fast.

The Importance of Listening Frequently

The next step to learn it fast is to listen to that language a lot from natives whether in movies, songs, podcasts or videos. Listening makes your mind familiar and attentive with the language. Now there are many YouTube channels and applications specialized in teaching languages. Moreover, there are applications specialized in the language idioms or vocabulary.

Over time, your subconscious will have absorbed all the stored vocabulary and the way the natives talk.

The Best way to Speak Fluently If No Contact With Native Speakers

The most efficient technique that paid off with me personally is making an imaginary dialogue with someone. A real conversation but with an absent person you know. This way is perfect for making up the mind in that language and doing this step frequently accelerates the learning process and makes you ready for the conversation at any time confidently.

Communicating With A Native

It would be very preferable that you have connections with native persons to reserve all what you learned. Making conversations with natives would save you a very long time submerged in tons of books, dictionaries. It is the fastest at all fronts; speaking, listening but just if you find the suitable native speaker. You can join groups of natives and participate in it. In addition, there are applications that enable you to communicate with native from any place in the world.

In the end, The golden advice I can present to you is not to give up ever. Keep learning and practicing. When you succeed, you will even get more encouraged to master more languages.

© 2020 Rania Heikal


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