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Toronto Weather Alert, -40 wind chills may freeze your bones to death

Updated on January 7, 2014

In the city of Toronto, Environment Canada warn people about frigid wind chills, extreme wind chills from minus 30 to minus 40 during the day and night.

Due to this kind of weather, school buses were cancelled and many flights were delayed. Toronto Pearson International Airport has to stop flights that resulted passengers to postpone their flight on the next day at least. Airport officials has to do something for employees safety and some of the equipment also freezes. 31% of all flights arriving Tuesday were cancelled. Several luggage in Toronto Airport hasn't claimed. Several people has to sleep on the bench waiting for when is the next flight resumes.

There are Street cars in Toronto as well that won't able to function because of the extremely cold weather. Some of these street cars are over 30 years old and won't respond to extreme cold. Switches were frozen and that cause street cars not to function.

In this extremely cold, dangerous weather, a person who's exposed may freeze in less than 7 minutes or more. That's really something to be warned about. If people are not careful, hypothermia may likely occur. Frostbite is also one thing to consider. That's why Environment Canada warn people to bundle up and to stay indoors.

Hypothermia and frostbite are possible in this extremely cold weather. Wearing a down-marked coat is advised and not to forget to wear gloves. If possible, people shouldn't stay outdoors more than five minutes or more.


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