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How to Prepare A Study Space

Updated on May 18, 2012


Your first order of business is to find a study space. Try to find an area in your home that is quiet, comfortable, and relaxing. However, you have to make sure there are no distractions.

  • Not your bed. If you are here, you might get sleepy and start shutting down your mind.
  • Not the kitchen or dinning table. If you study here, you will think of food, things that need to be done, etc.
  • Not in the living room. If you are in here, you will think of the TV and all the other distractions.
  • Not in a restaurant or coffee shop. Here is probably the worst of them all. People walking in and out, wonderful smells taunting you, distraction after distraction.

How to Make Your Space Comfortable

Make it a comfortable place. You will be in this area for a while and there is nothing more frustrating than being uncomfortable for a while. Your chair should have some nice padding so body parts don't start falling asleep. If your chair is wooden, try using pillows to sit on.

Pay attention to the air in your space. Can you breathe easily? Or is there another area with better air quantity? Make note of the temperature. Is it too cold? Try a blanket. Is the temperature too hot? Then find another area. In studying, everything makes a difference.

Is Lighting Important?

Also check the lighting. Natural is better than artificial light. However, it is difficult to find the time during the day to study unless if you are a full-time student. If the light is artificial, make sure it is coming from two areas and even. This way your eyes are not straining while you study. If the lighting is too little, there is a danger of dozing off or hurting your eyes.

Have Everything Ready

One of the worst wastes of time in studying involves just pulling out your book and starting to read. This way you keep running around each time you need something keeps you from studying. You lose your place, do what little chore caught you, then dash back. You didn't even have to lose your place at all, much less leave the area.

Before you even start studying, have everything ready.

  • Erasers
  • Rulers
  • Highlighters
  • Every textbook
  • Notebooks
  • Pens
  • Pencils

Messages and Enrichment

Doubting you have the ability to make good grades or have a nice presentation can ruin your studying. If you have a negative view of yourself, it will show in your grades. To help your self-esteem, add positive messages around your work area. Don't just use messages though. Use awards, trophies, certificates, anything positive on your wall.

For example, a woman known to me uses a Dream Wall. It is a collection of her dreams, hopes, everything she wishes to accomplish in life. From having children to sewing an outfit, she has them all written down.

Another way to help your self-esteem and outlook is to make your study space somewhere you enjoy being. Make it pleasant and inviting, a place you think about when away from home.

  • Large windows
  • Plants on the desk
  • Natural wood desk
  • Earplugs
  • Air purifier


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