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How to Reach Difficult Goals

Updated on February 5, 2015
Going for some goals is like climbing an endless stairway. It's possible, but difficult to do.
Going for some goals is like climbing an endless stairway. It's possible, but difficult to do. | Source

Goal setting is one of the most important aspects of succeeding in whatever it is you’d like to do with your life. They offer us a sense of direction, but big goals are daunting and often difficult to achieve.

However, by following these tips, hard to reach goals will become more attainable.

Elements of an Attainable Goal

Some goals, like discovering time travel just aren’t feasible options for most of us to achieve. However, graduating college or quitting an addiction is fully within our power. By including these five elements when making them, you’re more likely to complete them successfully.

  1. Time Limit
    By setting a reasonable deadline, you’ll be more likely to be driven enough to accomplish what you want to before that date
  2. Clear Vision
    Part of the problem with many goals is that the individual doesn’t really have a clear picture of what they want to do at first. Once you have that image cemented in your mind, it’ll be easier to work towards it, because you’ll know exactly where you’d like to go.
  3. Plan
    Although life has a way of getting in the way of our silly little schedules, having an idea of what sequence of events needed helps with taking necessary action. This goes back to having a good direction in mind to take.
  4. Motivation
    Another important aspect of the goal you’re setting for yourself is knowing your true motivation in selecting it.

    Are you quitting smoking for your spouse who hates the smell, or are you doing so for better health? Do you want to graduate college because you’re being pressured to, or do you really want to do something with the degree? Half the battle is what motivated the goal and what keeps you going as an individual.
  5. Discipline
    Perhaps the most important part of meeting your goals is developing the discipline to follow through with the plan you make for yourself. Although beating yourself over not completing certain steps on time is counterproductive, it's also vital to put in the effort when you just don't feel like doing so. By nurturing a sense of industriousness into your every day life, you'll also be nurturing your motivation. The more you get done, the more motivated you may be to keep pushing yourself.

Once you have those five primary steps established, try the following techniques to make accomplishment easier.

Training for a marathon involves breaking the bigger goal of completing it into smaller goals while training. The reward of accomplishment makes the pain of training worth it.
Training for a marathon involves breaking the bigger goal of completing it into smaller goals while training. The reward of accomplishment makes the pain of training worth it. | Source

Break the Big Goal Into Small Goals

It’s natural to be overwhelmed when it comes to your life aspirations. Huge change doesn’t happen overnight, and when it does, it becomes extremely difficult to handle if you’re not ready for it.

Goals are more like planned change. Although the end goal will be big, it’s a good idea to break that big one into little ones to accomplish one at a time.

College is a good example. By working with a counselor, you’ll be able to determine which classes are needed, and from there, schedule when you’ll be taking them.

Those can then be broken down to tests and assignments. When the days get especially tough, there's no shame in making a short term goal out of simply getting through the day in one piece.

Think of it like training for some sort of physical competition, like a marathon. Unless they're already in excellent shape, no one can get up and finish a marathon, much less win one, without training. Instead, everyone starts with first conditioning their body in some way, often setting short running goals.

As each goal is reached, they push themselves to the next one until they have both the physical and mental ability to complete such an endurance-heavy activity.

A Great Goal Setting Exercise

Record Your Successes

Write down each accomplishment you make and put the date on it. Keep your notes in a single place, like a jar or notebook. When you start to feel discouraged, look back at those notes, and realize if you can do all of that, you can reach the other goals you’ve set for yourself.

By doing this, your confidence is lifted, and a little bit of the fear or resignation you feel will start to melt away. Doing this may also help you spot patterns in your own behavior that you can build on to help make the journey a little smoother.

Families have long been a source of support and survival.
Families have long been a source of support and survival. | Source

Friends and Family

Sharing your goal with supportive friends and family will give them the opportunity to help you out as only they can. They’re there to support you, just as you are there to support them.

A good example from my own life is from this past November, when I took part in National Novel Writing Month, or NaNoWriMo. For those who aren’t familiar, NaNoWriMo is a challenge to authors to write at least 50,000 words in a month.

Since I’m a freelance writer in addition to being a hubber, I already do quite a bit of writing, but I’ve always wanted to try that challenge. There were days where I didn’t want to work on my fiction, simply because my brain felt stuck. This is where the cheers from my online friends helped me push through the block and get past 50K by the end of November.

Even something as simple as a “YOU CAN DO IT” from someone else goes a long way to getting yourself in gear towards accomplishing your goal.


The act of using the goal as an affirmation, like “I am doing well enough in college to graduate in three years”, will help you bring that image of what you want back to mind and prompt you to keep going with the task at hand.

It's also vital to keep your attitude as positive as possible. Repeating your affirmation to yourself and feeling the pending success will help lift a fallen mood.

What's your favorite way to get back on track after a delay?

See results

Go Easy on Yourself

Part of the problem with the process of achieving your goals is beating yourself up when you don’t keep up with the schedule.

This is very counter intuitive because the more you beat up on yourself, the lower your confidence becomes and the more likely you are to give up before accomplishing what you want to.

As I mentioned above, life has a tendency to happen when you’re making other plans. So, when delays happen, try not to let them get you to down. Simply look at any mistakes you made, learn from them, and then move on.

No one ever said that personal growth is easy.

Set Time Aside to Work on the Goal

Since often the most important goals are the most difficult, it’s vital to dedicate enough time to actually achieving them. When you set a chunk of your schedule aside to work on your aspirations, you’re reminded of the work you need to do, and are more likely to do it.

However, concentrating exclusively on your goals, instead of making room for other things in life, can be just as damaging as when you don’t dedicate the time you need. Burnout can be one of the most damaging things that can happen to you.

Although achieving your goals can be a little complicated depending on what they are, it’s never impossible if you put your mind and force of will to it.


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  • ESPeck1919 profile imageAUTHOR

    E S Peck 

    6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

    Thanks so much!

  • Karmallama profile image

    Dreen Lucky 

    6 years ago from St. Paul, minnesota

    Another great hub! Great job!

  • ESPeck1919 profile imageAUTHOR

    E S Peck 

    6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

    That's one of my favorite ones, too. :) I wish I'd have come across it sooner.

    Thank you! :)

  • Glimmer Twin Fan profile image

    Claudia Mitchell 

    6 years ago

    I love your suggestion of breaking down a large goal into small ones. That makes so much sense and makes things much more manageable. Nice hub and great layout! Shared.

  • ESPeck1919 profile imageAUTHOR

    E S Peck 

    6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

    I'm glad you liked them. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  • rosika profile image


    6 years ago

    You have shared some great ways to accomplish goals here! Thank you for sharing!

  • ESPeck1919 profile imageAUTHOR

    E S Peck 

    6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

    Thanks so much!

    I agree. People have gotten way too used to instant gratification in many things, and they forget the effort and vision that goes into getting what they'd like in life.

  • ESPeck1919 profile imageAUTHOR

    E S Peck 

    6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

    I think we have those things in common.

    Thank you, as always! You're a great support.

  • ESPeck1919 profile imageAUTHOR

    E S Peck 

    6 years ago from Minneapolis, MN

    That's so true. The more you accomplish by doing that really makes you want to keep it up, too.

    Thank you for the comment and the vote!

  • tipstoretireearly profile image


    6 years ago from New York

    Breaking a large goal into chunks is a powerful strategy. Its amazing what you can accomplish by working on something just an hour or two per day--as long as you keep at it. Voted up!

  • eHealer profile image


    6 years ago from Las Vegas

    Hey ESP, this is another great hub! I love it! I'm a workaholic (labor of love) that thinks, writes, draws, walks around... thinks, writes... well you get the idea! I'm pinning and sharing you!

  • bac2basics profile image


    6 years ago from Spain

    Hi ESPeck. Great hub and really sound advice. I was so pleased to read the word " Attainable " in this hub, too many people today have dreams that exceed their capabilities and are under the impression that fame and fortune just come to you, and have nothing whatsoever $6 to do with diligent hard work and setting yourself goals in life. Voted up and much more.


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