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What is Marxism?

Updated on June 28, 2016

Picture of Karl Marx

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This photo is labelled free to reuse on Google Images. | Source

A Brief Introduction to Marxism

The theory of Marxism derived from the writer of Karl Marx (1818-1883). This theory suggest's that the wealthy (the bourgeoisie) are the ones who control society for their own benefit. Rich people have a better quality of life while the poor (the proletariat) have a lower quality of life. The rich are in a powerful position to control the poor e.g wages, work hours, economy, prices of goods etc. Poor people have to work for the rich because they have no choice.

Poor people put up with the rules that rich people make because the rich control politics, government, the army and the police. If the poor were to rebel against these rules, they will be put in prison. Another way that the poor are submissive to the rules of society is through a system of beliefs about the world, also known as ideology, which is taught in schools, media, and religion.

Karl Marx stated that the poor would one day overthrow the rich in a revolution, when they finally realise that they are being used. He thought that this would happen during his lifetime.


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