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How to Research a Website Before Signing Up

Updated on August 30, 2011

Most People These Days Look for Work Opportunities Online. There Are Some Genuine Websites and Other Not so Great Sites to Work With

Most people these days look for work opportunities online. There are some genuine websites and other not so great sites to work with. With websiteoutlook you can do this by simply typing in their website address and you get the information-free of charge. helps you find out the following facts which may help you make up your mind about a website. Whether you are tracking your own website to see how it looks on the Internet or searching for more information about another site.

Estimated worth of a website.

If you are looking at writing from home or submitting articles to a "paying" site. It is well worth it to check out how much the site is estimated to be worth. Though not a stead fast way of making sure you will be compensated for your efforts by your chosen site, knowing how much a site is worth will give you a good idea of where they might stand financially and thus the likelihood of your being paid by them.

Daily Page view

This will directly translate to how much possible traffic you might get for your articles by working with your chosen site. Contrary to what some sites claim-their traffic as reported by may not auger, slight differences may be acceptable but vast ones definitely sound the scam alarm.

Daily Ads Revenue

If a site is getting good advertising revenue this indicates a sign of a healthy cash flow. It would not be a good idea to join a site that will claim to pay you if they do not have a good revenue stream especially from advertising. After all, online advertising is what drives most websites.

You may want to look up Google adsense or Bidvertiser if you are not familiar with online advertising for your website.

Traffic rank

This is a good indicator of how well the website is doing, the higher the rank the better the business.

Page Rank will give you the estimated ranking of a site. This is how search engines measure the value of a website so if this is in order, the site scores higher on the health barometer.

Top 100,000 websites

This feature will show you whether or not a site ranks in this regard. Some sites may not rank well because they are relatively new. It would be a good idea to find out how long they have been running (By contacting the site directly-this will also give you an idea of their "turn around time").

Fun Facts

You can also use to gather fun facts about sites. For example, Associated Content is said to be worth $4.34 million USD with a daily page view of 1981981. FaceBook is said to be worth $803 million USD with daily traffic of 366666666. Where as Myspace is estimated at $219 million USD with daily traffic of 100000000.


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    • justom profile image

      justom 6 years ago from 41042

      Great hub, I'll bookmark it because I'm still trying to learn before I jump on a website. Peace!! Tom