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5 Small Ways to Save the Environment

Updated on May 9, 2013

Global Warming is a growing concern of this generation. With the rapid depletion of forested areas and the unwavering abuse of marine resources, it is no wonder that a few years from now, the future generations will have no source of fresh water and green house gases will continue to increase in amount in the atmosphere. In the near future, the world we once knew will start to deteriorate and become inhabitable. This is why we need to take proper measures to take care of the environment. This is to preserve what we have now and to prolong the life of the earth. This is so the future generations will continue to live in a habitable and wonderful world. Here are small things we can make a habit to help take care of the environment. We don't need big projects and big funds to help save the world. These little steps, if done collectively, can make a huge impact.

Don't Use Plastic, Bring an Eco Bag

For some people, bringing an eco bag every time they will go out of the house can be a hassle. But if you think about it, this small step can actually make a huge impact on the environment. Instead of taking the plastics stores provide when you shop, use your eco bag instead to store all that you bought. If you do this all the time, imagine how many plastics you could have used and turned into trash. Remember that plastic can take thousands of years to decompose. And for countries that don't use incinerators for their garbage, the plastics could clog the sewers. Furthermore, they will remain in dump sites for thousands of years. Hence, the more plastic you consume, the more that will accumulate in dump sites and clog the sewers. So, bring an eco bag instead every time you go shopping. This is recyclable and very easy to wash when they get dirty.

Forget the Straw

When eating out, forget using a straw. Straws are also made of plastic and can take thousands of years to decompose. Imagine all the straw nature has to naturally decompose if you use one every time you eat out. It will also clog the sewers and accumulate in dump sites. If you are unsure of how clean the glass in restaurants are, take a tissue and wipe the rims before you drink (if you have germs issues). You can also opt to bring your own small glass if you want to make sure of its cleanliness. Straws may be convenient and can prevent spread of disease but they can also be harmful for the environment.

Skip ATM Receipts

Some people need receipts for various purposes. It may be to check how much money is left in his account or for record keeping. However, there are just some people who ask ATM machines for receipts but in the end will just throw it in the garbage bin nearby. This is just wasting paper and can be harmful for the environment. If you will just throw the receipt after seeing what is written there, don't ask the machine to produce one anymore. If you just want to check how much money is left in your account you can just let the machine process again and view the result on the screen - no need for a receipt. If you do this all the time, you will help save a lot of trees from being cut down to produce paper. Even if paper will only take a few years to decompose still, there are lots of trees that need to be cut to produce a piece of paper. So, if you don't really need the receipt skip the receipts and help save trees from being cut.

Recycle and Segregate

We have all heard recycling and segregating before. But do we really practice it? It is never too late to start recycling and segregating and making it a habit.

Recycle everything you may have use for in the future. Old shoe boxes, some old paper from school, old clothes - these are just some of the many things you may not use now but can be recycled and used in the future. You can use old shoe boxes to store trinkets and other small items you still need like wallets, letters, receipts that you still need and many more. Old papers from school can be turned into a recycled gift wrapper. Just design it with colored pens and other items to make it look more creative and personal. Old clothes can be turned into rugs to wipe wet areas in your kitchen or your bathroom. Or better, donate it a charity where it can be used again.

Segregating is also necessary because it will make recycling easier. Segregate biodegradable and non-biodegradable materials. The biodegradable materials can be used as fertilizer if you have a garden at home. You can create a compost pit in your backyard so when you need some fertilizer to make your flowers bloom, you can always get some from your compost pit. The great thing about this is that you no longer have to buy inorganic ones in stores. The biodegradable materials are those that you can take to recycling shops or you can recycle some of them yourself.

Use Public Transportation

There are certain areas in the world where public transportation is lacking and highly inefficient. For such cases, using private transportation is your only option to travel. But for places where public transportation is efficient and available, it is best to use them instead of private transportation. This will not only help save the environment but will also help you save a lot of money.

Cars emit greenhouse gases which can be very harmful to the atmosphere and to everyone's health. If all of us use a car, there would definitely be tonnes of greenhouse gases present in the atmosphere each day. This will not only deteriorate the atmosphere but could also affect our health greatly. Cut back on your private transportation consumption to consume less fuel and lessen your carbon footprint. Use public transportation whenever possible and help save the environment.

We all depend on the environment for us to survive and live. Thus, it is only right that we start giving back to it by helping preserve and take care of it. Even in small and simple ways like the 5 mentioned above, we can already spark change and help preserve the world for future generations.


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    • pinklemonadegirl profile image

      Jenn 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      @oldiesmusic: I agree! I always have at least 2 in my bag, too! They are very convenient to have and best of all, you get to help save the environment. :)

    • oldiesmusic profile image

      oldiesmusic 4 years ago from United States

      I love eco bags! I always carry them wherever I go, it really saves me from using plastic bags. Let's do our share for our planet, a little effort won't hurt.

    • pinklemonadegirl profile image

      Jenn 4 years ago from Manila, Philippines

      @Ceres Schwarz: Definitely! Thank you for this insightful comment. We should all start doing our part in taking care of the environment in small ways like those I posted. :)

    • Ceres Schwarz profile image

      Ceres Schwarz 4 years ago

      These are all good ways to help save the environment. And the best part is these are simple and easy to do and shouldn't be too much of an inconvenience. For instance, what's so bad about not using straws? You can really just wipe your glass instead of opting for straws. And bringing your own eco bag with you shouldn't be too much of a hassle since you'll still end up carrying things anyway if you buy something. It's very important that we do our part to help save the environment even if it's just small ways like this or only doing at least one of these things.