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How to Select an Auctioneer School

Updated on January 18, 2012

Many states require a license for work as an auctioneer. Those interested in specializing in auction work should learn how to select an auctioneer school to give them the best chance of getting a state auctioneer license.

Generally speaking, the professional exam for most occupations asks questions about work directly related to that profession plus some state statutes. This means that a doctor could go to just about any medical school and still be close to prepared to take the license exam.

But the auctioneering license exams are not centralized in the same way. It is up to each state to devise its own auctioneering test. Thus, picking an auctioneer school in the state where you intend to practice may be more important than when you are studying for other professions.

Example: The Illinois Auctioneer Examination has about 10 questions on math, 3 questions on miscellaneous auction topics, and 37 big questions on the Illinois License Act and related rules. This auctioneer exam is very heavy on state law and light on general auctioneering knowledge. Thus, selecting an Illinois auctioneer school may be a wise idea because a school in Florida or another state would be less inclined to cover Illinois law.

With that in mind, the National Auctioneers Association has a useful list of auction schools in the United States and Canada. Use the link below to access the list.

What you will notice is that the list shows when a school is approved by at least some state licensing agency. This is important because your state's auctioneer licensing agency may have a specific list of approved auctioneer schools to qualify to take the exam and get a license.

Of course, this means that you need to first check the licensing agency's list before you select an auctioneers school. Otherwise, you may be out of luck when it comes time to apply for a license.

Lastly, before choosing an auction school, contact them and tell them your future plans. Ask them if their school's specific curriculum will be helpful in preparing you for your state's auctioneer licensing exam.

Ultimately, you want to pick an auctioneer school that is approved by your state's license agency and provides a curriculum that is well suited to your need to prepare for your state auctioneer exam.


Illinois Auctioneer Exam Candidate Guide

National Auctioneers Association: Education - Auction Schools


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