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How to Teach Long O to the Young Kids

Updated on March 11, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

The word boat has the long o.

The Long O:

The sound of long o is like its name. O is the favorite of the kids that I am teaching. Everybody knows letter o and everybody knows the sound of o.

Long o is sounded in the words with oa and ow. To make the lesson simple to the young non-English speakers, I will limit the lesson to words with the diphthongs oa and ow.

Now, you can introduce the words with long o to the children.

Say, “Children, our new lesson for today is long o and the sound of long o is oh. Follow after me.”

The children will be excited to read the words once you introduce the words with long o.

To make the children interested in the lesson, you can introduce the words with pictures or three-dimensional objects. You can use video too so that the children can visualize the real objects better.

Here are some words with the long o.

Words with diphthong ao.

  • boat
  • coat
  • goat
  • float
  • moat
  • toad
  • road
  • coal
  • foal
  • roam
  • foam
  • boast
  • toast
  • roar
  • boar

Words with diphthong ow.

  • blow
  • glow
  • grow
  • throw
  • flow
  • slow
  • crow
  • bow
  • mow
  • low
  • tow

words with an e at the end.

  • bone
  • cone
  • tone
  • note
  • vote
  • tote
  • mole
  • pole
  • role
  • dole

More Activities for Teaching Long O:

Song or Rhyme

You can start the lesson with a song or a rhyme. The song row, row your boat is an ideal song for the lesson. This is a very popular song and I’m sure the children will easily learn this.


The first thing that you should do if you want to hone the reading skills of the children properly is to let them read words first, then phrases then sentences. If they are well versed with these; you can now introduce short stories.

Here’s an example:

First, let the children read the words:

  • row
  • bow
  • grow
  • boat
  • goat
  • coat

Next, let the children read the phrases:

  • a bow and an arrow
  • row the boat
  • plants grow
  • the goat on the road
  • coat on the boat

Next, let the children read the sentences:

  • The bow and the arrow are on the table.
  • Let us row the boat.
  • The plants grow fast.
  • The goat plays on the road.
  • The coat is on the boat.

Now, you can let the children read a short story.

Jove is a smart boy.

He wears a big coat.

He plays with the bow and arrow.

He likes to play on the boat.

Remember to always ask questions about the story that the children read.


Teach the children to make a boat using paper folding. Use plain white paper or you can use colored paper if you don’t want them to color anymore. If you use plain white paper, let the children color the boat then paste the boat on a clean sheet of white paper. They should color the boat first before pasting to avoid smearing the clean sheet of paper where they will paste the boat.

Story Time

Story time is an activity that children love. You can tell a story to the children using words with the long o. Talk about the story after relating it to the children and show pictures related to the story.

The way you relate the story to the children is very important. Let them have fun by telling the story in a fun, interesting way.

Paper Work Exercises

Paper work exercises are very important. The children must always do exercises for lesson enhancement and assessment.

If you add more activities then the lesson for the kids would be more enhanced.


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