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How to Teach Members of the Family to Preschoolers

Updated on September 8, 2015
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I am a certified teacher and had been teaching for more than 30 years. My hubs sum up all my knowledge about education. See you around.

Young kids start learning about the family as soon as they start going to school. It is important that as a teacher you know how to make the lesson about the family easy and interesting for the little ones to comprehend.

I’m sure the children will be able to understand the lesson because every child has his family at home.

It is always good to make a good introduction first before proceeding to the main lesson about the family.

Start with a picture

First, show the children a picture of a family.

You can start by asking, “What can you see in the picture?”

Many children will be able to recognize the father, the mother, the brother, the sister, and the baby. Let them understand also that in a family there are different activities being done.

When the children have answered your question about the picture, it’s easier to explain to the children what a family is.

You can also ask each child to talk about their family. Children are intelligent people. They knew what they are telling the teacher. Sometimes, they are too smart and can even outsmart the teacher. Be careful when dealing with different situations in the classroom.

To start the lesson, ask the children if they have a family too. Some children may not understand what a family means so you have to go slowly by asking the children if they have a father, a mother and siblings. If they gave you answers then you can explain what a family is.

The lesson about family includes discussing the members and enumerating the work at home that each member does.

You will be surprised to hear so many different answers from the young children that you thought they couldn’t think.

Ask questions

In my class of three and four year olds, there was this boy who gave me an answer that I didn’t know how to comment on.

I asked the young boy what his father does at home and his answer was, “My dad always sleeps and drinks liquor. Grandfather says that he doesn’t do anything but sleep, eat and drink.”

I was surprised and I wasn’t able to talk. But I told the boy that dads can also sleep, eat and drink.

Going back to the lesson, it is always important for the children to know what every member of the family contributes in the family.

Most children know the traditional Filipino family arrangement where the father goes to work, mother cooks for the family and takes care of them, brother helps father, sister helps mother and baby plays and sleeps.

You can elaborate on these and explain to the children that mother can also go to work which I’m sure they understand because most mothers today go to work too just like father.

It is also good for the children to know that even small children like them can help at home. You can ask them what they do to help at home.

Many activities can help the children understand what a family is. You can role play by picking children to act as father, mother, brother, sister and baby.

Of course you also have to explain that a family doesn’t always have the complete family members. And families are either big or small.

If you have explained the lesson well then you can now proceed to the activities.

Activity 1

Let the children hold pictures of the different members of the family.

Give the instruction for them to follow. If you call father, all those holding the picture of father will stand up. If you call mother, all those with the picture of mother will stand up. Do the same with brother, sister, and baby.

Activity 2

Question and answer.

Here are questions you can ask the children.

1. How many are you in the family?

2. How many brothers do you have?

3. How many sisters do you have?

4. Does your father work?

5. Does your mother work?

6. Who takes care of you at home?

7. Who cooks your food?

8. What can you do to help mother and father at home?

Activity 3

Matching Pictures

You can let the children match pictures of the members of the family and what they do.

Activity 4


The older children can draw their family using stick people. Let them color their drawing when they finish.

Activity 5

Coloring pictures

You can let the children color a picture of a family.

Activity 6


The older children can copy the members of the family on the board.

Teaching the family to the children can be fun if you give then a variety of activities that will perk them up.


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