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Use Mind Over Matter

Updated on April 14, 2019
rickzimmerman profile image

Rick reads, views, thinks, creates and writes endlessly, distilling bits of the larger world for you.

Unfry Your Mind

Things seem too tough to manage? Read on!
Things seem too tough to manage? Read on! | Source

What Makes a Great Mind?

Did you ever wonder how Albert Einstein — a mediocre student and a mere patent clerk in a bureaucracy — managed to come up with the world-changing theory of relativity? Have you occasionally wished for a ‘Eureka!’ moment like that of Archimedes, settling into his bath? Are you tired of all the other guys and gals getting the Nobels and Pulitzers and Oscars? Then read on, as I guide you through some basic steps in learning how to use your mind over matter.

All you will need is one human brain and the will to try.

Begin by understanding the power of your brain. Your brain is truly your most powerful organ. Each and every human brain is deemed to have greater innate capabilities than any of today’s most powerful supercomputers. All that is required is to channel and use and benefit from that potential.

Next, learn to exercise your mind. Like any other organ of your body, you can either use your brain or lose it. Maintain the habit of exercising your mind, so you can see the multivariate interconnectedness of the world, and thus better understand its workings. Whether it’s through day-to-day conversation, social networking, reading, music, theater, education, games, crossword puzzles, meditation, trivia tournaments, card games or any of life’s many other mental pursuits, keep stretching your mind and you’ll be extending and expanding your own long-term potential.

Stay Healthy and Alert to Others

Healthy body = healthy mind. Your mind can best expand its reach if it has the support of a fit and healthy body. Good blood flow, optimal oxygenation, proper mood, adequate nutrition, and suitable supplies of adrenaline and other chemical regulators are all essential to your mind’s smooth running. Try to keep both body and mind well tuned.

Then, stand on the shoulders of giants. Don’t be afraid to learn from everyone you meet. As Galileo famously stated, “I never met a man so ignorant I couldn’t learn something from him.” And, to truly maximize your mental skills, try to learn from the greatest minds of the past. The great artist Raphael apprenticed under Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci. Renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright trained under notable architect Louis Sullivan. All the geniuses of ages past are available to us through their past works, libraries and the internet; make the most of them.

Focus and Learn

Mind the main chance. Stay focused. When you have a goal in mind, keep it there, and in your sights. Don’t let all of the mundane distractions of daily life pull you off the course of your ambition.

Never become an old dog. Remain able to learn new tricks. Too many of us linger a bit too long in a comfortable groove, before realizing that it has become a confining rut. Don’t be afraid to change jobs, make new friends, develop a hobby, learn a language, relocate, go back to school, take up a new pursuit, or simply tweak your daily routine, if that’s what becomes necessary to move closer to your ultimate goal.

See Your Direction Clearly

It's not always immediately apparent.
It's not always immediately apparent. | Source

Devotion and an Action Plan

Apply yourself. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. If you have an ambition that matters to you, then give it the respect it deserves, by devoting consistent time and effort and brain power. Take the necessary incremental steps, day by day and week by week, to achieve your goal.

Develop an action plan, and stick to it. As you focus and train and educate and concentrate your mind on your goal, you will see an action plan develop — a sequence of steps that can take you from where you are to where you want to be, in discrete and manageable stages. Stick to that plan, refining it as you go, and you’ll eventually find yourself reaching your goal in ways you might not have thought possible.

Good luck!


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