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How to Use Time Efficiently

Updated on April 20, 2015
Time is running out...
Time is running out... | Source

Time is Right…

People always complain about how they have no time to do things, or confess that they keep putting things off; procrastinating. Time is one of the most valuable commodities in the world, and what’s so frustrating is that nobody ‘possesses’ it. It’s free; it goes on no matter what we do in our lives. We can choose to either waste time or use it to our advantage and, like I’ve read before, make it our friend, instead of fighting it.

I have a number of methods that I use to make the best of my time.

I have an old fashioned date changer that you have to manually change that sits on top of my alarm clock, and these two are the first things that I look at every morning.

When I have an important commitment or appointment, I hang a notice on the end table and I set additional alarms on my smart phone, which are accompanied by notes bumped up to the top of the list on my iPhone. This might seem like a lot first thing in the morning, but whatever it takes, at least I don’t miss the date.

I keep a calendar hanging right by the bed, which I write future appointments on as well.

I have a schedule set out for every day, week, month and ultimately the whole year that I keep on my computer. It has a daily routine on it as well as special occasions to remember and goals to achieve.

I also keep a list of the goals that I want to achieve in my life, called my ‘to do’ list, and in addition I write down all the things that I’ve achieved in the past, whether it’s last week, a month, or a year ago.


I have virtual stickies that sit on my desktop with important things typed out on them.

What I use the most however is my internet schedule. Instead of wasting time surfing aimlessly, I have a list of things that have to be done. There are the important issues at the top, like checking my different accounts and posting new hubs, and below that are the less important things followed by the non-essential things that I want to have a look up at some time.

I keep a record of the time I’ve spent on the internet as well. I still use a standard dial-up for surfing the internet as I know that using data bundles on my smart phone’s modem would be inadvisable. That data would get chomped up pretty quickly, so all I use it for is downloading the latest internet security updates and perhaps the odd podcast, YouTube video or music that some artists provide for free off of their websites.

I’d say that I’m quite organized and that I like to plan things instead of just jumping head first into a shallow pool. I prioritize my goals and things that need doing and afterwards I can do the things that I enjoy doing. In my case, they are sort of the same thing. I like keeping busy and for me, logging into my affiliate accounts is a little exciting, because I like to see how I’m doing so far.

When I was still in school and studying, I had a timetable, as did most other kids, where I had to write down every lesson that I had to attend and the time period. At home, I had a study timetable where I would plot the times that I would study and the times where I would take a break. I’m sure though that back then I wasn’t as concerned about time as I am now.

"Time is one of the most valuable commodities in the world."


Here are some things that I’ve read about over time, and my own observations:

• Time flies whether you’re having fun and when you’re miserable. The difference is the former is better used, especially if you’re doing something constructive.

• Everything takes time, even planning your time.

• You only get one life, and so you must make the most of it.

• Do the things you want to do today. Don't leave them until tomorrow.

• You feel much better when you use time constructively and don't waste it. In the long run you will feel more rewarded. Wasting time might provide some short term rewards but in the end all you have is guilt and regret.

• Make lists and either tick them off, cross them out or erase them altogether when things on that list are accomplished. Keep another list perhaps of all your achievements in your life.

• Stop wasting time.

• Learn to delegate tasks instead of doing everything yourself.

• Learn to say no, especially when you are busy.

• People should respect your limits and so should you.

• Don't waste time wishing you could go back in time and change the past. It's gone forever. You only have the present to live in and the future to look forward to.

• Cherish each second. The present is called so for a reason: it is a gift.

I read a paragraph once that instructed me to watch the clock on the wall for sixty seconds. That reminded me of the movie, Gone in Sixty Seconds. When I did it however and turned back to the book, it said that minute was gone forever.

That changed my life forever.

“Time goes, you say? Ah no! Alas, Time stays, we go.”

— Austin Dobson

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