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Updated on April 21, 2013
Guardia Civil
Guardia Civil

Asking for Help in Spanish

There will always be a time when you will need to ask for help when you are in a Spanish speaking country. It could be as simple as needing to know where the toilet is or it may be an emergency requiring the police.

The useful phrases on this page will help you in these situations. These are phrases that deal with asking for help in Spanish: Suggested pronunciation for English speakers is in brackets.


¿Hay alguien aquí que habla ingles?(Eye alg-ee-en a-key kay abla een-glays)

Does anyone here speak English?


¿Hablás ingles? (Ablas een-glays)

Do you speak English?


No hablo español. (No ablo espan-yol)

I don't speak Spanish.


Puedes hablar mas despacio por favor (Pway-thays ablar mass dess-path-ee-oh)

Can you speak more slowly please


¡Necesito ayuda! (Neth-ess-eat-oh eye-ooda)

I need help!


Puedes ayudarme por favor. (Pway-thays eye-oo-dar-may por favor)

Can you help me please.


Comprendo un poco. (Com-pren-doh oon poe-coh)

I understand a little.


Tenemos una emergencia! (Tay-nay-moss oona emer-hen-thee-ah)

¡We have an emergency!


¿Donde esta el baño? (Don-day ess-ta el ban-yo)

Where is the bathroom?


¿Donde esta el hospital? (Don-day ess-ta el oss-peet-al)

Where is the hospital?


¡Necesito un doctor! (Neth-ess-eat-oh oon Dock-tore)

I need a doctor!


¡Necesito un policia! (Neth-ess-eat-oh oon pol-eeth-ear)

I need a policeman!


He perdido mi cartera. (Eh per-dee-doh me car-tare-ah)

I've lost my wallet.


If You are Hurt

The way to say that some part of you hurts is:

Me duele (May dway-lay)

Literally - It pains me. This is followed by whatever part hurts. For instance:

Me duele la cabeza (May dway-lay la cab-ay-tha)

My head hurts


Parts of the Body

El Pelo (El Pay-low) The Hair

La Cabeza (La cab-eh-tha) The Head

El Cerebro (El Thay-ray-bro) The Brain

La Frente (La Fren-tay) The Forehead

El Ojo (El Ocko) TheEye

Los Ojos (Loss Ock-owes) The Eyes

La Nariz (La Nah-reeth) The Nose

Mejilla (Meck-eel-ya) The Cheek

Las Mejillas (Lass Meck-eel-yas) The Cheeks

La Oreja (La Or-eck-ah) The Ear

Las Orejas (Lass Or-eck-ass) The Ears

La Cara (La Carra) The Face

La Boca (La Boh-cah) The Mouth

El Labio (El Lah-bee-oh) The Lip

Los Labios (Loss Lah-bee-owes) The Lips

El Diente (El Dee-entay) The tooth

Los Dientes (Loss Dee-en-tays) The Teeth

La Lengua (La Len-gwa) The Tongue

La Barba (La Barr-bah) The Chin

El Cuello (El Coo-ell-yo)The Neck

El Hombro (El Om-bro) The Shoulder

Los Hombros (Loss Om-br-owes) The Shoulders

El Pecho (El Pet-cho) The Chest

El Pulmon (El Pull-mon) The Lung

Los pulmones (Loss Pull-mon-ays) The Lungs

La Cintura (La Thin-two-ra) The Waist

El Estomago (El ess-tom-ago) The Stomach

Las Costillas (Lass Cost-ill-yas) The Ribs

La Espalda (La Ess-Pal-da) The Back

La Cadera (La Ca-dare-ah) The Hip

La Pierna (La Pee-urn-ah) The Leg

Las Piernas (Las Pee-urn-ahs) The Legs

La Rodilla (La Rod-eel-ya) The Knee

El Tobillo (El Toe-bill-yo) The Ankle

El Pie (El Pee-ay) The Foot

Los Pies (Los Pee-ays) The Feet

El Dedo del Pie (El Day-doh del Pee-ay) The Toe

El Brazo (El Bratho) The Arm

El Codo (El Coe-doh) The Elbow

La Muñeca (La Moon-yay-ca) The Wrist

La Mano (La Manno) The Hand

Los Manos (Loss Mann-owes) The Hands (note difference in plural)

El Dedo (El Day-doh) The Finger

© Susan Bailey 2008 All Rights Reserved


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