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How to be Successful at 7th Grade

Updated on September 30, 2012

Ah time fly so fast, as your child is finally setting his foot in 7th grade. Since your kid is one year away from entering high school the journey to the 7th grade can be as tough as nails.

The projects will require more creativity and artistry, and the tests, quizzes, assignments and seatworks are expected to be more difficult than the ones that he encountered in 1st to 6th Grade. But this is okay and normal since your child is getting wiser and more mature each day.

The 7th Grade is an uncharted territory for your child but no matter what challenges and odds will baffle him he is cinched to pull through. He just needs to put more time on his studies, read books further, practice solving math problems and must have the right attitude to survive.

Here are some important tips and pointers on how to become successful in 7th Grade:

  • If your child is doing assignments help him get through with them and do not answer them for your child. Your kid is supposed to be the one doing the learning not the parents. Serve as a guide and teach your child on how to get the answer.
  • Do not do your child’s projects these are not intended for you. Leave your child alone in making projects but you can give him some tips on how to come up with decent outputs. This will further hones his creativity and will enhance his imagination.
  • Spend time with your child with his studies. The “quality time you spent with your kid,” will help him pull through from his lessons and this will give you the opportunity to have some bonding.
  • If your kid arrived at the right answers, asked him why he is correct with his answers. This will help you discern if your child thoroughly understands his lessons.
  • Give him motivation and inspiration to study well on his subjects often. You may tell him of your own success story on studying or research on how famous personalities overcome difficulties and trials while they are still students.
  • Tell them about the importance of constant reading.
  • See to it that your child is done reviewing his lessons or already finish with his assignments before he gets the opportunity to watch TV and play his toys or PSP. See to it that he allots enough time for his studies during weeknights and weekends.
  • Give due rewards in proportion with the difficulty of achieving accomplishments. Say positive words like “a way to go,” “that’s great,” and the like if he churned out good scores with his quizze, seatworks, assignments and projects or just made a nice recitation on his class. You may give him some token gifts if he was named as an officer, made it to the top five on his exams and the like. You may pamper him with a vacation trip, treat to a fast food chain or restaurant or the toy or other things your kid yearns for if he received special awards, he won prestigious competitions, he made it into honor list and the like. Doing this tip will help you save money and at the same time your kid will not be asking of rewards often even with just simple triumphs he nails.

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Here you have it some valuable and important tips and pointers on how to help your kids overcome the 7th Grade or be successful in 7th Grade.

Thanks a lot for the read.

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