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How to win over the world with Kindness.

Updated on October 12, 2015

Why I am kind to others

To be Kind to Others Means

I am kind to others because I know that at the end of the day I won't regret it. I am kind to others because I know that being mean does not make you friends. I am kind to others because I know that if I am mean to others I make myself miserable inside.I am kind to others because it helps ease my mind. I am kind to others because I know that I am better kind than mean spirited.I can do more when I am kind. I can accomplish much more when I help others. I feel like a super hero when I make a difference in the lives of others. Think to yourself "Why would you want to be kind to others?"

Mother Teresa's Kindness has changed the world.


What does kindness do?

Kindness shuts down evil. It turns an argument off and makes others learn that they can't get anything good out of anger. What is the opposite of kindness? Maliciousness. Maliciousness which means to intend to do harm. Now think of this as a cause and effect scenario. You are angry at someone for mistreating you so how do you defend yourself? Mistreat them back of course right? No you kill them with kindness. Now that doesn't mean you have to accept people's vicious behavior but what you could do is end it without an argument and lead by example. If you don't want to deal with anything then walk away from it nicely.

In an argument nobody wins, its two stubborn people trying to get their point across while covering their ears and keeping their mouths open. There is a spell on people and its called the media and what the media tries to do is to cause us to be angry, violent, and bitter towards one another. How do we slap the devil in the face by not falling for his wicked game.


What kindness will get you.

1. A peace of mind- It will get you a piece of mind because you know in the back of your head that you did something good. When you give with all your heart you will be replenished with a healthy mind and body because you know you did something good. Kindness is an act that only a few are blessed with and thats why you cannot give up this amazing trait. Kind people reflect and are considerate they think before they do and they know that they are making a difference and when that boost of confidence comes in their mind they can accomplish bigger and greater things. Teach yourself how to give it will give you a piece of mind.

2. Focused- When you're truly kind to others you have more room for yourself. I know that it sounds like thats against kindness but listen up. When you're kind you don't have time to be angry and waste your energy on others but now you have a more focused ability to help yourself. If you're kind to others you will start to be kind to yourself. Kindness retrains the mind to think better and be more focused. When you're able to use that angry frustrated energy you have stored up for something thats more useful like your job or family then you will start seeing better outcomes for yourself.

3- Inspired- Kindness will inspire others to be kind and it will spread around the world like lovely petals flying in the wind. We inspire others so that we could make a difference. Just imagine those people who inspired you growing up, were they kind? Nothing is better than a kind parent, mentor or teacher. A friend who would give you their last penny because they are devoted to you. A significant other who tells you that they appreciate you because you're kind to them. A child who holds your hand and smiles at you because you're kind to them. You will inspire people just like many of the greats before us.

4- Wealthier- You ever heard that phrase "You give with you get" ? If you give your time and patience to anything you do you will get further in life. Many of the wealthiest people such as Bill Gates has donated billions to charities for vaccines to save lives in third world countries. You give out you'll get back thats the way the universe works. The universe is round and it revolves. What goes around comes back around. Share and you will get back something but true kind people never expect and thats why they're happier when they suprisingly get back with they gave.

Be the Change you want to see


"A book after my own heart!"—The Dalai Lama

The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life
The Power of Kindness: The Unexpected Benefits of Leading a Compassionate Life

The Power of Kindness is a stirring examination of a simple but profound concept. Piero Ferrucci, one of the world's most respected transpersonal psychologists, explores the many surprising facets of kindness and argues that it is this trait that will not only lead to our own individual happiness and the happiness of those around us, but will guide us in a world that has become cold, anxious, difficult, and frightening.

Piero Ferrucci warns against the dangers of "global cooling." As the pace of living grows faster and the impact of new technologies more insistent, communications become hurried and impersonal. The drive for profit overrides the heart. Warmth and genuine presence fade.

In eighteen interlocking chapters, Dr. Ferrucci reveals that the kindest people are the most likely to thrive, to enable others to thrive, and to slowly but steadily turn our world away from violence, self-centeredness, and narcissism- and toward love. Writing with a rare combination of sensitivity and intellectual depth, Dr. Ferrucci shows that, ultimately, kindness is not a luxury in our world but rather a necessity for us all.


Who is Kind?

Kind people are mostly successful because they are less self-centered and expect less back from what they do and therefore get more out of what they do. Billionaire Bill Gates Cofounder of Microsoft (an American multinational technology company that develops, manufactures, licenses, supports and sells computer software,) also a philanthropist always giving back to society and charities as much as he can. He has donated more than $26 billion dollars to philanthropic causes through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. That includes $10 billion for vaccine research over the next ten years. Imagine a world where one person's kindness like Mother Teresa says "creates a ripple effect" Go out today and smile or say hello to someone and guarantee how big or small you are you have made a change in that persons life instantaneously.

Many sports stars, actors, and other famous people give back by visiting charities and hospitals and making kids lives better. They even donated money without mentioning a word that to me is an act of kindness.

So who is kind? I believe you are kind because you are considerate enough to read this hub now go out there and spread the kind word!

24 acts of kindness that will inspire you and pass the love around!

Quick Acts of Kindness.. Pick 3 a week you would like to do and watch your life get better!

1) Complain less.

2) Take Shorter Showers.

3) Forgive Someone.

4) Have a Lemonade Stand.

5) Help out in schools maybe by keeping it clean.

6) Reach out to someone you haven't talked to in a while.

7) Smile at a Stranger unless you're a child I would probably skip this one. :)

8) Send someone an ECard.

9) Leave change in a vending Machine.

10) Help mom and dad or someone that needs it.

11) Host a toy drive.

12) Use your vacation days! Thats right be kind to yourself.

13) Be polite online.

14) Give affirmation. Words can heal.

I got this information from an amazing website . Check it out for more amazing acts of kindness.

Acts of Kindness change the world

According to this website "Acts of kindness makes us feel good, valuable and alive. Think about the last time you went out of your way to be kind to someone. Didn’t it make your day too? Many people extend kindness as part of their good nature, but what if we made a more conscious effort to be even kinder by practicing kindness regularly? We will be spreading good feelings and making a difference that has a lasting, ripple effect and undoubtedly changing the world."

So we know for sure that every act of kindness whether it requires donations, kind gestures like smiling or helping others can not only bring others happiness but it will make you a happier and kinder person. It will make you feel accomplished. So each and every day go out in the world and make a difference!

Acts of Kindness

Which Acts of kindness would you do.

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    • Perspycacious profile image

      Demas W Jasper 23 months ago from Today's America and The World Beyond

      You have had a good response here. I hope you send this to Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump. A dose of this a day will not hurt anyone and will end up doing a lot of good. (Send it to Senator Sanders, too, though I suspect he already tries to practice these concepts.

    • Paul Kuehn profile image

      Paul Richard Kuehn 2 years ago from Udorn City, Thailand

      This is a great hub which I enjoyed reading. When I was a teacher, it made me feel good when my students said I was kind. Kindness is missing in the world. If you are kind to others, other people will be kind to you. I am sharing this hub with HP followers.

    • passionatelearnr profile image

      passionatelearnr 2 years ago

      Great hub.Very inspiring.i love the quotes.

    • Colleen Swan profile image

      Colleen Swan 2 years ago from County Durham

      Hi, You are right in that there is such inner joy in having uplifted another person. I volunteer for a help-line and it is amazing how a listening ear and a few encouraging comments can make such a difference. Colleen

    • krbalram profile image

      rahul 2 years ago from Bangalore

      it is true that kindness can win the world.Mother Teresa is the example of kindness.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 2 years ago from The Beautiful South

      Kindness...another word for love for sure. What the world needs now and there's just too little of; as the song goes. Great hub and I will follow you to read more seeing we are like minds!

    • Rabadi profile image

      2 years ago from New York

      Janshares, Diana, and Cat thank you for all of your great comments, I enjoy reading your hubs! :)

    • cat on a soapbox profile image

      Catherine Tally 2 years ago from Los Angeles

      Hello Osam! This is really uplifting and inspiring. I think being kind and aware of others in need is what gives our lives purpose:)

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 2 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      Kindness is what everyone needs. Those that don't think they need kindness are missing it in their lives. Great hub. I liked it very much.

    • janshares profile image

      Janis Leslie Evans 2 years ago from Washington, DC

      Very nice hub, so positive and very much needed in the world. The acts of kindness ideas near the end are really great. I think I have the same link in my hub on random acts of kindness.

    • Rabadi profile image

      2 years ago from New York

      RontheDon thank you!

    • profile image

      Ronthedon 2 years ago

      Wow amazing

    • Rabadi profile image

      2 years ago from New York

      All great comments I appreciate you all for taking the time out to read my Hub :)

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Richert 2 years ago from Southern Illinois

      It takes less energy to be kind. Anger raises the blood pressure. Kindness is so very important and it gives us that ' good feeling. ' Your hub is full of good thoughts. I hope more people read this and pass it on...

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      Great heart felt sincere comments Larry. And really that is the only way to be, even if someone is less than kind. It spreads, it becomes contagious and deep down that is really who we are. Linda

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      I am kind to everyone that will allow me to be.

      Uplifting read.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 2 years ago from The Caribbean

      We cannot learn too much about kindness. Thanks for sharing your perspective on this important characteristic. Following your ideas will really make a difference.

    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 2 years ago from Cicero, New York

      A fantastic heart warming, engaging hub, very interesting and well written, I just loved it. Linda

    • Carolyn M Fields profile image

      Carolyn Fields 2 years ago from South Dakota, USA

      Great hub. I find that when someone is angry and upset, if I lower my voice and talk calmly and sweetly, things settle down much more quickly. I suppose that's a form of kindness. I'm going to set myself a goal of 3 random acts of kindness this week. Wonderful idea!