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How does a person change how they act?

Updated on August 2, 2016

Overflowing Glass

Full of One Thing
Full of One Thing

Saturation To Tipping Point

Saturation, or saturation point is the point at which no more can be added. The limit beyond which something cannot be continued, endured etc.

Tipping point is the level at which the momentum for change becomes unstoppable. The point at which an object is displaced from the state of stable equilibrium into a new, different state.

A good example is when someone learns a language different than their native tongue. What I understand when a person starts to learn a language other than their own, it is very difficult at first. Continual study and exposure to the new language brings them to such a saturation and, or a tipping point that all of a sudden they start speaking the new language fluently. They become so saturated the new that they shift from the state of “not knowing” into the state of “a intimate like knowing”. It becomes common to them, no longer strange or distant.

Our whole life actions or habits result from things we learned in our past. Not the things we were taught with words or books, because the things learned from books or teachers were never allowed to reach saturation point. But the learned behavior that was ingrained in us on a day to day basis to the point of saturation is what shaped us into who we are today. Some of this was good and some of it, well “it was no so good”. Saturation of certain thoughts and learned actions is what makes us what we are.

As a person who wanted their life to change, I never really found the ability to just change habits by my will power alone. There never seemed to be enough power within reach to get the deep rooted molding that shaped my actions, habits, feelings, fears, responses, etc. to change. A new saturation of a different sort is what I needed to bring me to a tipping point that would truly change me.

Tip the Scales

Go Past the Tipping Point
Go Past the Tipping Point

Tip the Scales To Your Favor

There are at least a couple of ways to do this

  • One of course is to discipline one's self to continual study, prayers, the reading of lives whom you want to become like and others things along that nature. Basically force yourself to change your habits, responses, and hopefully your reasons why you acted the way you did in the first place. This of course is a just and good pursuit which will yield great results with time and hard work. The downfall of this choice is that it is shortsighted. It only is able to change you into what you can see, understand and pursue. It will never free you into who you are destined to be. That is because you really do not know who you are created to be. Why? You ask. It is because you did not create the blueprint for your life, someone else did. But you can know the truth and it will make you free.

  • The other choice is to be saturated by a living presence, which the presence of another is able to change things very quick. This is the Christ within you. Most of the time this type of saturation comes in the mist of a crisis or trial in ones life in which such one cries out to God day and night and commits to a pursuit of His presence. But it is very possible for one to hunger and thirst after the Lord without a extreme crisis in your life. Hunger to the point that an prolonged encounter happens in which a you are immersed in the presence of Gods' spirit. You will be continually washed because of the pureness of Holy Spirits' presence. Feelings of guilt, shame, condemnation, judgmentally, and many other mixed up emotions will be forced out so much that a healing and transformation takes place inside of you. You come out of the encounter under the power of a new saturation. The scale was tipped and the presence overcame the things that held you in bondage. Out of thy belly shall flow rivers of living water.


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