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how to choose a good Lawyer

Updated on February 5, 2013

5 tips for finding a lawyer

Everyday they bombard your television with loud, aggressive, even obscene ads. Lawyers know how to get our attention. However, many times the best lawyer isn't the most well known. We live in a day and age in which good lawyers can fall through the cracks. The object is no longer to be the best, but to be the loudest, most advertised, highest earning jerk on the block. Here are some tips for finding a great lawyer in your area.

1. Decide what type of lawyer you need. Don't call a copyright lawyer if you need a lawyer that specializes in the insurance industry. There are literally hundreds of types of lawyers out there. You must know your case and the type of lawyer you need.

2. Ask friends and colleagues if they have ever used an attorney. The best lawyers are known by the people they help, not by their obnoxious ads. Never make your decision based on what you saw on TV. Unless you are one of those people who believe everything you see on TV (technical term: idiot).

3. Look in the yellow pages for an attorney. I hear you asking about the internet, but today the internet is just as diluted with ads as Tv has always been. The yellow pages is a fair, balanced way for you to see every lawyer listed in your area.

4. Check out their offices. If your prospective lawyers insists on meeting at Starbucks...well, you know he's not a good lawyer. Good lawyers have offices they are proud of. If they can't afford to have an office with assistants, they can't afford to be your legal defense.

5. Always make sure you meet the lawyer who will be dealing with your case. You want to be comfortable with this individual. They will be spending lots of time with you and your case. If you aren't comfortable with them knowing lots of details about your case and your life, don't hire them.


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