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How One Can Prevent From Various bugs and insects within your home & Body of Human being

Updated on November 10, 2011

How to control bugs and insects within your home

How to control bugs and insects within your home?

1. Fly is such a small creature; how can it possibly kill a man? This question may be answered by following illustration: One day a very small child was palying in his father's medicine shop, and by chance found a package filled with white powder. He carried this out into the street and dropped it into a well. Now the white powder was a powerful poision, and caused the death of a large number of people who lived in the neighbourhood and who used well water. The little child killed those people by carrying poison and putting it in this water. It is by carrying poison that the fly kills people. And although flies kill tens of thousands of people every year, yet very few suspect the fly of being a murderer. The very best way to avoid the injury done by flies is to prevent the flies from breading. The breeding places of flies are in horse manure and garbage. Horse manure should be kept in covered boxes so that flies cannot alight upon it. Secondly, garbage should be kept in tightly closed garbage cans. No garbage or rotting material of any kind should be allowed to collect on the streets or in any allay or yard.

2.Mosquitoes: The most deadly enemy of human being is mosquitoes. This small creature causes deaths of millions of people. Most deadly diseases like dengue fever, malaria are contracted through bitten by mosquitos. The most effective way to destroy the mosquitoes is to prevent the mosquitoes from breeding. They can only breed in water. Hence it is necessary to drain the ponds and puddles. Mosquitoes do not breed in water that is flowing.

3. Bed-bugs not only annoy one by biting, but they also spread some serious diseases. The best way to rid them from the clothing or bedding is by immersing the clothing in boiling water. When the bed-bugs are in the crevices of the bed, a misture of one part of carbolic acid in 10 parts of water should be smeared in all the crevices and holes of the bed. Oil of turpentine will also serve the same purpose.

4. Body Louse: This a kind of louse that inhabits the hary parts about the sexual organs, and sometimes spreads abroad from here to other parts of the body. To destroy these lices, the affected parts must be cleaned with hot water.

5. Head Lice: When a person had head lice, the lice may be killed by mixing together equal parts od kerosene and coconut oil and rubbing this into the hair every evening for two or three days. After rubbing this oil into the hair, a cap or cloth should be put on the head. The oil should be washed off each morning with hot water and soap.

The lice eggs can be seen on the hairs. They look like little while beads along the hair. To get rid of these lice-eggs the hair should be washed with vinegar twice a week, and following the use of vinegar the hair should be combed thoroughly with a fine-toothed comb.

6. Spiders: Most spiders are harmless to man, but some types are dangerous, particularly to young children. In case a spider bites, the patient should be put to bad and hot water bad or other gentle heat to the abdomen be applied.

7. Scorpions: Scorpions have a single curved stringer in the tail, through which they inject a powerful venom that produces severe burning. Lay an ice pack over the injured area to relieve pain and slow the spread of poison.

8. Ticks: Most of the ticks are harmless for human being unless, if no part of the tick is stuck up in the body.

9. Bees, Wasps, Hornets and Ants: All stinging insects, such as bees, wasps, hornets and ants, have a similar type of venom. Treatment is much the same. Always be sure the stringer of the bee or wasp is removed from the wound. Ice cubes over the injured area will help reduce the pain and swelling. Alternating hot and cold applications may be helful in more severe cases. It is also worth noting that some people are highly sensitive to bee venom and may have to be desensitized by special treatment in hospital.

10. Carpet Beetles: Theyare found indoors at windows, on screens, under the carpeting and furniture. They usually damage carpets and other clothing. In order to get rid of this insect it is advisable to dry cleaned and washed the carpets, curtains and other clothing frequently with hot water. You can also seek help from household pest control expert to get rid of carpet beetles. Keeping your house neat and clean is the best method to prevent your house from this insect.

11. Cockroaches: Presence of cockroaches in a house itself speaks of lack of cleanliness, which provides sufficient food to cockroaches. Their presence also increases the risk of asthma, especially in children. The best way to get rid of cockroaches is cleanliness. Insecticides may also be used for preventing your house from this ugly insect.


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