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How to cope up with a transitional stage

Updated on June 5, 2012

Change is the spice of life. But you should be prepared to undergo the transitional stage. Sometimes circumstances force changes like divorce, joblessness or the death or parting of somebody close, on us and these changes may happen at the wink of an eye. Unexpected events like these may leave you emotionally stranded.

Positive changes in life like marriage or a promotion in job are always welcome. But these positive changes also require adjustments on your part and this transitional stage also requires your efforts.

While you are excited about positive changes, you require special efforts to get out of the emotional stress when negative changes hit you from the blue. The following tips may help you in this process:

1. You have to acknowledge the loss that has hit you. You should ventilate your feelings in your own way and this is very important for you to move ahead.

2. You should recollect the pleasant happenings in the past and the positive lessons you learned. This process is of course is a little difficult but it is inevitable because it will slowly pull you out of the emotional quagmire.

3. Try to explore all the possibilities and choices that are available. For example, if you are undergoing the trauma of emotional stress due to a divorce, you can think of possibilities of a new life or a new relationship.

If you are suddenly jobless, you can explore your chances of getting a new job or learning new skills to improve your chances in the job market, etc.

4. Have a positive attitude. You should understand that problems and opportunities are both sides of the same coin. You may have a hidden opportunity in the sudden change imposed on you by circumstances beyond your control. Take positive action on the opportunity. It may give you unimaginable success.

Transition periods are really challenging. But you have to face such situations squarely and with a proper perspective and a positive attitude, you can definitely get over such periods unscathed and become even stronger.

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