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How to find the area of trapezium.

Updated on March 14, 2013

Area Of A Trapezium Video

A trapezium is a 4 shaded shape with one pair of parallel sides. In order to find the area of a trapezium follow these simple steps:

Step A Add together the parallel side lengths.

Step B Times this answer by the perpendicular distance between the parallel sides.

Step C Half the answer from step B.

Alternatively, you can use the formula A = (a+b)×h/2

(a and b are the lengths of the parallel sides and h is the perpendicular distance between them)

Let’s take a look at an example.

Example 1

Calculate the area of this trapezium.


Step A 7+11=18

Step B 18 × 5 = 90

Step C 90/2 =45 cm2

If you use the formula method then all you need to substitute the values a=7, b=11 and h=5 into the formula to find the area of the trapezium.

A = (a+b)×h/2

A= (7+11)×5/2

A= 45 cm2

Extra Tips

If you are still stuck, try remembering the rhyme:

“Half the sum of the parallel sides, and times the distance between them, this is how you find the area of a trapezium”


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  • profile image

    Majidmatics 6 years ago

    If the paralell sides of a trapezium are given & height is not given then area not be calculated.

  • catman3000 profile image

    Mark 7 years ago from England, UK

    If the lengths of the parallel sides are not given then you wont be able to work out the area.

  • profile image

    CaTlOveR 7 years ago

    Thanks.. :)

  • profile image

    Tom 8 years ago

    i tried all the other websites and this made the way most sense than all the other websites i tried.