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How to get and maintain a good GPA

Updated on December 3, 2009

Why a good GPA is important

As a student and as a tutor, I have learned much about getting and maintaining a good GPA. I try not to over-extend myself in my personal, professional, and academic life. I try to balance my schedule to ensure that enough time is allowed for each aspect of my life. However, in order to maintain a good GPA, I must apply extra effort to my studies. Consequently, I may have to sacrifice some leisurely activities.

Securing a seat at the front of the classroom at the beginning of the semester/quarter enables me to clearly see what is being posted on the board. I believe it also shows the professor that I am truly interested in the class. It affords me a greater opportunity to interact with the instructor, and it encourages greater participation in the class sessions.

Cell phones should be turned off, and laptops should be put away. Attending every class session is fundamental to ensure that I am current with lecture notes and the latest developments in class projects. Many students often lose points due to tardiness, disruptive behavior, unexcused absences, and early departures. This hurts the student as well as the instructor and classmates.

Waiting until the last minute to begin an assignment is certainly not a good idea. Research must be done, and papers must be proofread, edited, revised, and formatted as required. A student should feel confident that the work being submitted is the best work possible, and it should be turned in by the deadline. Timeliness is essential. Utilizing the school’s tutorial services promotes superior work and higher grades.

Maintaining a good GPA is certainly most important when a student is applying for scholarships, admittance into other schools, club memberships, or employment. Maintaining a good GPA provides a student with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. A student’s GPA can be a crucial decisive factor for a prospective employer when determining an applicant’s work ethic.

A final thought: Choose your friends wisely.


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