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How to have fruitful and profound discussions

Updated on November 11, 2012

1. Will living in your country be affordable in the future?

You are beleaguered with many problems, from housing to healthcare, education to career prospects. You might wonder how you are going to surmount future challenges ahead, or wonder if you could die as soon as possible so as to shirk these responsibilities (hopefully not). Try discussing this with your friends, colleagues or family members, ask them if the rising cost of living will imply that the essentials of life will become too quixotic to have.Can they have the same quality of life that they are relishing now, in the future? Or will they become impoverished, so much to an extent that they would become vagrants and beggars on the squalid streets?


2. Will your country still be a thriving economy?

So far, the vociferous debate among the populace is whether the country should pursue a I-don't-care-about-you-because-I-only-care-about-earning-money approach, or a slow-and-steady school of thinking. There are dilemmas of course, because if the country is to adopt a slow-and-steady approach towards economic growth, then there would be fewer jobs and less competition, and these nullify the benefits of having a low stress level and a much more carefree life. The challenge is how to maximize opportunities for the populace to have a livelihood in the face of adversities and how the people can have a work-life balance.


3. How will your children be educated?

Ask the people around you. Are they planning to send their children to prestigious institutions or neighborhood schools? Why or why not? How would you facilitate their learning? Will you provide them many tuition lessons per week, or will you just buy an assemblage of assessment books and encourage them to self-study? Do you support the current, regimented and rigorous education system? If you do not, then what do you expect the system to be? Many parents and caregivers sympathized with their children's tremendous stress and advocate for the abolishing of national examinations at a young age. However, if the living standard is high, then, with less knowledge and calibre, will your children be able to work comfortably in an office environment?


4. How will the population run the global city state?

How are we going to stay elevant with the times? In this muddle of current affairs, a kaleidoscopic range from terrorism to protests, can we stay placid and sedate? Will our current state of preparedness and technology help to avert terrorist ambushes? How are we going to outclass our asinine competitors and attain level 99 in our mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, english, philosophy, mother tongue, geography and religious knowledge? I want to be God, so are you. We have no choice grapple with the challenges and rise above our rivals for the sake of wealth, fame and subsistence. However, this does not mean that we are ought to treat others condescendingly. There are frontiers that we have to acknowledge, as well as social manners that we have to uphold. We should not be corrupted leaders, but virtuous, forward-looking leaders.

There is so much to discuss about that we do not even want to initiate the consultation. Most of us would prefer to loll around, relax and talk instead about vacations to far-away locations or the latest Windows 8.


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