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How to keep yourself fresh during Lectures

Updated on October 10, 2015

overcome sleep during lectures

I think it is a very common problem among students that they feel very sleepy especially during lectures. We can call it a serious disorder which is confined to students specifically ;). But don’t worry guys, every problem has a solution and the solution of this sleeping disorder is a big slap from your teacher, oh no, again don’t worry friends, because I am going to present some solutions of sleep during lectures, which can prevent you from being slapped by the lecturer. So be serious and let’s discuss some good point to overcome sleep and keep you fresh during lectures:

1) Take green tea in the Morning

Obviously all students rise early in the morning, and they should be, so when you wake up, prepare a cup of green tea for you. This will help to overcome sleep and keep you fresh for a long time. Another advantage of green tea is; if you add some lemon into it, it’ll help you to burn calories. It sounds very good for girls especially because they always need to burn their calories.

2) Start making notes

During the lecture, if you feel sleepy, then start making notes about the lecture and write every word of your teacher. Some students do not note down the lecture, it is good sometimes but it’ll let you down if this is a reason of your sleepiness. So try to note down the every word of your teacher. It’ll keep you busy and don’t allow the sleep to dance around you. It’ll also help you to ask extra questions from the lecturer. ;)

3) Candies and chocolates

Always keep some candies or chocolates with you during lecture; because the energy in the candy or chocolate can boost up your enthusiasm. But keep one thing in mind that your teacher will not allow you to chew candies during lecture so be careful while chewing some candy or chocolate, otherwise the lecturer will let you out from the class.

4) Wash your face

If you have no candies or chocolate then you can take permission from the teacher, go outside and wash your face with fresh water, and breathe deeply in fresh air. This will help you a lot to overcome sleep. But don’t forget to go back in the class otherwise teacher will never allow you to wash face next time J

I think these methods will help to keep you fresh during lectures. But this is not enough, I will tell you more things but I have to experience them first. :D


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