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How to learn Thai language

Updated on November 28, 2009

Thai language is not hard like you think!


I tell you  not because I’m Thai but because I know from my experience when I started to learn English so many years ago. I used to think English is difficult because I did not know the right way to learn. Once I started to find out how I can easily understand I could conquer writing, reading and speaking fluently.

The good news is that now I know, even took a long time!

         I think leaning Thai is not different from leaning English so I would like to share my experience with you and I believe you will enjoy learning Thai with this very effective way :)


1.     Start with Thai basic conversation and keep asking.


When you can speak Thai even just a little bit, you will see how Thai’s will be impressed by you (more than you think ^_^).  You will be enthused and want to learn more.   Ask as many questions as you can, even if your understanding is not complete.   Probe their responses and ask more questions. You will practice listening and learn new vocabulary.  Ask for the meanings and keep building your knowledge.


2.     Don’t have to be afraid.


I still remember how hard it was to start talking with native English speakers.  I was afraid they would not understand, I would say something wrong or even that they would laugh at me. Finally I started to overcome my fear but was still so nervous.  Once  I began  talking more I felt so great and it was fun to speak a new language (even I did not much understand at that time ^O^).  You will also benefit from learning about new cultures and the differences between your own.


So let’s do it!


3.      Pretend that you are talking with to a Thai.


It seems a little bit crazy to talking to yourself, but it is very good way to practice speaking Thai. When I started to learn English, I didn’t have any English friends.   I had to practice alone, pretending that I was talking with native English speakers.  It was very effective!


4.     Surround yourself with Thai language.


I came to Canada when I started learning English, so I could surround myself with English language.  We can adopt this method to assist you to learn Thai.


·        Listen to Thai language’s CD’s while at home the morning or evening.  Listen in the car, bus and etc. You don’t have to understand everything,  just keep listening. And one day you will surprise yourself with your improvement to understand that conversation.


·       Watch Thai movie’s CD or DVD (with English subtitles) in your free time to lean new vocabulary. I know an Englishman who can speak Thai fluent, learning from the Thai movie “Koo Gum”. It can work for you as well.


·        Use flash cards and take them everywhere.   When you have time, look and memorize.


·        Listen to Thai music as often as you can. I listen to English music almost all of the time ^_^


5.     Make new Thai friends.


Friends will make you have more fun to learn.  They will inspire you. You will want to speak and understand because you want to communicate with them.

6.     Take a course to learn Thai Grammar.


Don’t take a Thai Grammar course until you are enjoying yourself and happy speaking Thai.  You can then learn the language in depth and will not be boring.   Test yourself regularly to see your improvement.


       Let’s get started!



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