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How to learn languages?

Updated on June 28, 2015

Is learning a language difficult? No!

You don´t have enough time right? Or motivation? I would like to help you with that.

Im Tanja and have swiss roots. For us swiss it is self-understood to be able to talk different languages. We will not understand if you only talk one language. No... it does not enter our head, don´t even try..Since we are surrounded by so many different languages, cultures and tourists it´s quite normal and also expected to be able to talk at least 2, preferably more languages. Yes, of course not everybody manages/wants/is interested enough, i know...

I grew up in a bilingual district of Switzerland. French was the main language and the language in our village was Swiss-German. We grew up with being forced speaking both languages and starting to learn it at a very early stage already at school. Of course I learned alot through school, too but also because some of our relatives only spoke French. It never became a language I love to speak. (I hope you see why)

At the age of 2 my mother would let me spend some days at my aunt. After that – she still tells me that story every now and then – I had switched to French completely. So, expose yourself to the language and start talking. Even if its hard in the beginning.

At the age of 11 I found it boring only to know 2 lanugages and got hold of an old English learning (the infamous „English in 30 days“ by Langenscheid, that was an acutal copy from the year 1969!) book and studied it from cover to cover. I got myself penpals all over the world and started to write. I also started to read and my skills improved because I was interested in improving. And I was creative in it. I somehow found a way for myself.

Soon after that my brother moved to Sweden to live with his girlfriend – now wife. Guess what Tanja did? Yes: I visited often and learned the language quickly. I did my first 4-weeks trip to Sweden when I was 14. I immediately started to soak up every bit and piece i could. Later, on my 3rd and 4th trip i would try to write and talk Swedish consequently. I insisted on people talking Swedish to me. That is how I learned Swedish.

This didn´t end there. Through my enless journeys, travels and studies, I learned additional languages. Nobody says it is easy and thanks to my enthusiasm I made it here and now I am able to share my experiences with you. I would like to help you now and write an ebook for you: all those of you who have not travelled as much as me and who are struggeling with languages. You might be more into logic and mathematics. That is good, because we also need you on the earth, especially silly language-nerds like me.

The trouble with language learning is...?

1) I dont have time for it!

There is a foolproof method for that. You need to include the language in your daily routine!

2) I cannot afford a language course!

Who said that you need to go to a course? If you dont want to, you dont need to. You can just as well learn it on your own. I learned most languages like that. Actually, thinking of it: I`m best at those I learned without a course. And do you know why? Because I truly wanted to learn it.

3) I am not motivated enough!

The old problem. I´ll tell you how you wont even get there!

4) I am afraid of making mistakes. I hate it when people laugh about me!

Well dear, at the end you are the one who will laugh about THEM! Whenever I put myself to most danger and opened myself to talk a new language, I would improve the most. Sure, in the beginning people would sometimes make fun of them. Learn the word and forgive them about their nearsightedness. They dont know better and they probably only know one language themselfs.Why should you let them spoil it for you? They are not you but you can take advantage of them for your own needs!

And guess what happened after I opened myself up and became vulnerable: native speakers would make compliments about my language knowledge!! I felt so good!

5) More tips about the most common mistakes and problems you encounter with specific solutions and the SECRET of learning languages. Its easy!

My pleasure: Book is now published!

I wrote an ebook for with all the above tips and much more! It shoud help you understand what your problems are concerning language learning and it should help you to avoid the common challenges you are facing.

Go here to find the book or buy it on Amazon directly!

If you have a kindle unlimited account, you can even get the book for free!

Best regards Tanja


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    • alocsin profile image

      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Some excellent language tips there. I think with web pages and chat rooms in different languages, there are even more opportunities now to learn languages on your own.

    • profile image

      ulises 6 years ago

      Good Idea Tanja!

      I would say that what helps Swiss people and any other so multilingual people is the KEY:


      and this is the KEY to overcome any LIMITATION in life!



      being a fraid of making mistakes? make them, big and awful, in front of a big crowd, better on stage!

      no pain, no gain!

      This comes from a country where most people speak only spanish (quechua in the country side) and are taught English at school but not well enough for most, so it becomes useless for most people...

      BUT, I speak 5 Languages! ...and since I was very little I defeated my fear to face DOGS, gangs of girls, gangs of guys, speaking in other languages no matter how funny they sound for people, high mountains, violence, speaking in public, acting, singing... falling in LOVE!

      Thank you,



    • Tanja Wanderlust profile image

      Tanja Wanderlust 6 years ago from planet earth

      Thanks fundguru, i really appreciate your comment! You are completely right, money pays no role whatsoever.

    • fundguru profile image

      fundguru 6 years ago from Germany

      Tanja nice article. I think the last points express pretty good why people have apologies not to learn other languages. I suppose that people are afraid is the main reason.

      From my own perspective I can only agree that money plays no role if a person wants to learn a language, as long it is not a pretty exotic one.

      It took me several years to become able to write and to express myself in English, but it wasn´t the school that enabled me to do so. Instead I used mainly media like TV to improve my English, and if you ever watch international movies then you will see and hear, that many actors do not speak good English.

      Therefore I have no reason to be afraid, because also others are not perfect. And as long people can understand me then it isn´t so bad.

    • profile image

      Giuze 6 years ago

      Hey Tanja, hope you're doing well.

      I'm looking forward to see your secrets ;)