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How to materialize bright ideas.

Updated on December 26, 2016

If you are getting bright ideas, then it is wonderful. It is a sign that you are creative and can think different than most people. Now there are certain techniques which I want to share here, if you want to be creative because I believe no one is born genius with bright ideas already programmed in their heads. We learn as we grow and we also learn to be creative by virtue of our thoughts.

The things I want to share have been tried and tested by me and are all practical. You have to "do" it to "experience" it. They can be followed by anybody and if I can do it then anybody can do it.

Mindstorming technique: This technique, as the name suggests creates storm in the mind. I caution you that this technique may overload your mind and some people won't be able to think straight with the load on their minds. Though it is the simplest method.

  • Take a notebook of any size and write down the question to which you want to find an answer. For example if you want to know "What are the ways of earning 25,000$ by the end of august 08?"

  • Now write down 20 answers. Put your mind to work and make sure that you have 20 different answers. The first 4-5 answers are easy but as you go ahead things start getting difficult. It's around 17th and 18th answer that you start feeling overwhelmed but the 20th answer may change your life and make you millions instead of thousands.
  • In this way you can ask any question and have 20 answers. Make sure you do this exercise everyday. Like muscles your brain also needs exercise. After around 20 days you will have so much clarity in your life which will give you confidence.

Now what to do when you get creative ideas? How to take full advantage of them and make a little fortune if possible? There are 2 techniques which I follow:

  • Visualization
  • Goal setting

Visualization: Whatever you want just visualize that you already have it and have the feelings for it. When you have a clear, prolonged image with emotions then whatever images you visualize, would materialize. For instance suppose you get a great idea then just have an image about the end result of what that idea has been used for. Just visualize the end result and the universe will manifest the image exactly as you saw it. Do this in the mornings and when you are just about to sleep. Your subconscious mind would materialize your images so you have to just let go and see the magic happen.

Goal setting: If your goals are clear then you materialize them with visualization. So it's very important to have clear goals if you want your creative ideas to materialize. So for setting your goals just write down the goals in a book everyday. Make sure you write 10-15 goals everyday and write them in present tense as though you have already achieved them and begin with "I". This forms a mold in your subconscious mind and gives an order for it to matrialize. For example: I have already achieved 25,000$ by the end of aug 08 and very happy and grateful for it.

Practise goal setting and visualization everyday to materialize your bright ideas and succeed.


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