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How to motivate a student to study

Updated on April 5, 2016

Motivate a Student

As we all know students are not always very willing to study and when they do they don't always do it in a proper way. However parents and teachers always try to motivate them, but most of the times they do it the wrong way. Instead of motivating their children, they just push them more, causing the enlargement of their dislike about school . After a research I made I came up with a few interesting results.

1. First of all, children are the most complicated and bipolar creatures on earth. As a result, their reactions are almost never predictable and adults are getting easily confused and irritated. So manipulating a child requires empathy and comprehension.

2. All children have something they enjoy doing; whether it is a sport, a music intrument, books, video games etc. So a good way to make them study is to make a deal with them. Schedule a specific studying time and if the child manages to finish all his/her homework in time and efficiently, then reward them with an hour of video games or an afternoon with their friends on a school day etc.

3. Make their studying time pleasurable. That doesn't mean to make studying appear ridiculous. Just a little bit more enjoyable while remaining strict and formal. Classical music can accompany studying time or snacks can work as little awards when the child learns a page of history or finishes a math excersise.

4. Most children dislike studying because they think it's something useless they're obligated to do. Have deep conversations with them and explain them that even when the subjects are not related to what they want to study in college, they should do their homework while gaining knowledge in different fields is extremely important as it will widen their horizones and make them more open mided.

5. It is also essental for children to be discharged by stereotypes. Name calling shouldn't hold them down and words like "Nerd." are actually not as bad as they may sound. Knowledge is something others going to be jealous about and try to make children feel bad for themselves in order to prevent them from learning more and eventulaly becoming more successful in life.

6.Lastly children have to be taught how to study. Most of them improvise studying methods that are often not efficient enough. Learning to highlight the important details and keeping notes or summarizing a text will not only make studying more enjoyable but also more beneficial.

All that being said, it is easily concluded that children are not robots born to learn in a certain way. Each responds at different studying methods and requires alternative kinds of motivation. Parents and teachers should care not only about whether a child studies or not, but they should focus on the way they does. They should encourage them taking breaks and never push them past their limits.

Quick tips for effective studying


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