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How to read faster and more effectively?

Updated on September 8, 2012

Let information become your ultimate power...

How fast you blow through one amazing fantasy after another?
How fast you blow through one amazing fantasy after another?

If you were asked what the average speed of words per minute for a college student is would you know? Well, if you said that the average speed of words per minute for a college student is 350 per minute you would have gotten the answer correct. Increase your reading speed while keeping a maintained level of comprehension by using a few simple techniques in your daily life that will make you much more effective. Here are about 4 simple strategies that will help you greatly to improve your skills and read much more effectively that you may have overlooked in the past.

Pre-read: Skim read the sub-headings as they will keep you much more focused.

Pre-question: Ask yourself what the topic of the story that you are going to read is supposed to be all about. Where will the journey take you? Challenge what you know in a way that only reading the text will help you answer your question.

Read in intervals: Read entire sentences without stopping. Even if you are done reading for the night finish you’re reading towards the end of a full page or column. Breaking focus will hurt your ability to increase your speed later on. However, of you are falling asleep take a break skip the passage and come back to it.

Summarize: Summarize each section what you read back to yourself. Jot down little notes at the end of each section. Remember if you can not comprehend what you are reading that it is not worth your time.

In order to increase your ability to become a faster much more effective reader you should always write down the words that you don’t know the meaning to. However, most of the times as you read you will find that most words use the sentence in which they are found in to portray meaning. Place a dot near the word but do not stop reading after you are done reading you should take all the words that have a dot and reread the sentences. If your are still not clear what the word with the dots near them mean than your should look them up in the dictionary. Vocabulary is a big part of reading faster as the most you know is the more fluently you can blow through a passage. You can increase your comprehension by questioning yourself after you read something. If it is a story you should ask yourself questions like what has happened to the characters, how many people were in the story and what took place. Skim reading can help you improve your reading speed as your first skim read than read the passage slowly. After you read the passage slowly give yourself credit for as many facts that you were able to remember and place in the second reading. Four more tips for increasing your reading speed:

1. Time your reading. Rate than reread as you aim to top your highest score.

2. Push yourself to find engaging points even in textbook reading. The more excite4d you are the better you will comprehend what you are reading.

3. Never forget to skim/pre-read.

4. Take notes both mental and written on what you are reading or have read.


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    • Anastasia Vaughan profile image

      Anastasia Vaughan 5 years ago from From Miami Fl to Hollywood Fl

      Your very welcome. I wish you the best of luck on following this advice.

    • searchinsany profile image

      Alexander Gibb 5 years ago from UK

      Very helpful, thank you.