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Definition of fool, stupid or Silly according to ahadith and sayings of Muslim Scholars

Updated on September 15, 2016

How to Recognize a Fool?

A fool or silly can be recognized by his face, body language and habits.However, the most authentic way to identify the signs of a fool is his habits. Muslim Scholars in certain books mentioned following attributes of a silly or fool person:-

Habits and face

Habits of stupids

Silly habits:-

Getting happy on deceitful praise and getting impressed with respect given to him (for which one does not deserve) are the habits of a silly person. Zaid Bin Khalid said, "There is no one more silly than a rich who is undaunted of poverty and a poor having lost all hope to become wealthy at some point of time."

Ismai, another Muslim learned personality said, "If you want to gauge the wisdom of someone in a single meeting, narrate some baseless facet before him and if the person gets attracted and accepts it as true, then be sure that he is a fool, and if he criticize what you have narrated, consider him intelligent."

Characteristics of a fool

Stupidity Explained

The ancient sages are agreed that following are the characteristics of a stupid:-

1. Hastiness.
2. Carelessness.
3. Childish behavior.
4. Disloyalty.
5. Arrogance.
6. Ignorance.
7. Sluggishness.
8. Breach of trust.
9. Cruelty.
10. Wastage of time and energy in unnecessary things.
11. Unfounded happiness.
12. Greediness.
13. A rich arrogant.
14. A poor who lost hope being wealthy.
15. When happy, does some nasty things.
16. When speaks, speaks bizarre.
17. When questioned, answers miserly.
18. When wants to talk, could not talk well.
19. When something is said to him, fails to understand.
20. When laughs, laughs like a belch of a bull.

Some other philosophers are of the opinion that a stupid can be identified if following habits are found in him:-

1. To get angry without any reason.
2. Not to discharge his obligations towards the Almighty and His creature, and being treacherous.
3. To trust everyone.
4. To disclose his secrets.
5. To be unsuccessful in distinguishing his friends and foes.
6. To talk without thinking and considering him very intelligent.

Another Arab sage Abu Hatim Bin Hayan Al-Hafiz said that following are the features of stupidity:-

1. Impulsiveness in answering questions.
2. Impatience.
3. To laugh too much.
4. Diverting attention here and there very rapidly.
5. Relationship with nasty person.
6. If you keep away from him, gets gloomy.
7. If you show some interest in him, behaves in a boastful and arrogant way.
8. If treated politely, acts rudely.
9. If treated compassionately, respond nastily.
10. If you treat him unkindly, tries to be a gentleman.
11. If you do justice with him, respond unjustly.
12. If you treat him brutally, does justice to you.


The holly Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said, "Don't establish friendship with a fool because:-

1. His advice will be against your interest.
2. If he tries to help you, puts you in deep trouble.
3. If he tries to get you some sort of benefit, detriments you due to his foolishness.
4. Silence of a silly person is better than his talk.
5. Keeping away from a silly person is better than his imminence.
6. His death is better than his life."

Attributes of a Stupid in the sight of Ancient Saints?

According to the ancient Arabs, attributes of a stupid can be divided into the following categories:-

1. Attributes relating to figure and appearance.
2. Attributes relating to the habits and behavior.

Now we discuss both categories one by one:-

1. Attributes relating to the figure and appearance.

The philosophers say that a man having small head and extra-ordinary outlook is of feeble mind.

Jalinoor(Gallon) said, “It is certain that small head is a symbol of empty mind and short and thin neck is an identification of weakness of mind and lack of wisdom. An awkward built is also a proof of lack of wisdom and cowardliness. Like big stomach, small fingers, round face, extraordinary height, small scalp, full of meat forehead, thick neck and thick calf of legs are also symbols a foolish. Likewise, a man having round face, as if one’s face is like a half circle, round beard, hard facial skin and moving irritated eyes reflects foolishness, and such person is also far away from goodness. The plump eyes are symbol of shamelessness and absurdity. A suppressed eyed man is clever and is of thief nautre. If someone has big, moving and distracted eyes, he is sluggish, useless, fool and fond of females. Paleness like saffron in a blue-eyed man is a proof of his ill-mannered character. Eyes like a bull are also identification of a fool. Having hairs on shoulders and neck is also a proof of both braveness and foolishness. Having hairs on stomach and chest is a symbol of lack of wisdom. A man having thin and long neck is fool and coward, who used to cry unnecessarily. A flab nose also shows that the person is stupid. Thick lips show that the person is rigid and fool. Extra-ordinary round face also shows that the person is un-educated. Big ears shows that the man is a fool and has lived a long life.”

Harmonic voice is also a proof of lack of intelligence and imprudence. Foolishness and ignorance is very common in tall persons.

It is written in Bible that beard has its roots in mind so a long beard man is lacking mindfulness, his mind and wisdom will be lessen, and who has less wisdom is a fool. Few sages are unanimously agreed that long thick beard is silliness that has longer beard has more silly ingredients.

Hazrat Ameer Muavia, who was angry with someone, said to him, “Your long beard is sufficiently proof your feeble wisdom and silliness.” Marwan Bin Abdul Malik, another Caliph of Muslims said, “If you found a short man having small scalp, long beard, then it is imperative for you to be sure that he is a perfect stupid.” Some sages said, “The wisdom lies in brain, and path of life is nose and foolishness lies in beard.” Zaid Bin Umaya, another Governor of Muslims said, “A man having beard more than a handful is lacking in intelligence.”


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