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How to say "Do you speak English?" in different languages

Updated on December 24, 2012

Planning to make a trip to Turkey? Or, need to know some information about the Liberation War of Bangladesh from a Bangladeshi?

Do you speak English?

Perhaps, this is the most commonly asked first question travelers ask when they go for a trip to a non-English speaking country or when you need to know anything from someone who’s mother tongue is not English . This is the question which can break the language barrier if the response is positive.

Let’s see how you can ask it in different languages.

Afrikaans: Praat U Engels?

Albanian: A flisni anglisht?

Arabic (Moroccan): kat'ref negliziya?

Assamese: Aapuni ingraji bhakha kobo paarene?

Azeri: Siz Ingiliscə danişirsinizmi?

Bengali: Apni Ingreji bolte paren?

Catalan: Que parla anglès?

Chinese (Cantonese): Neih sikm̀hsik gong yìngman a?

Chinese (Hakka): Ngi hiau m hiau det gong in vun

Corsican: Parlate Inglese?

Czech: Mluvíte anglicky?

Esperanto: Ĉu vi parolas la anglan?

Fijian: O(ni) vosa vakavalagi?

Frisian (North): Koost dü Aingelsch?

Friulian: Fevelistu angles?

French: Parlez vous anglais?

Galician: ¿Fala inglés?

German: Sprechen Sie Englisch?

Greek (Modern): Milate anglika ?

Greenlandic: Tuluttut oqalusinnaavit?

Haitian Creole: Eske ou pale angle?

Hausa: Ka na jin harshen turanci kuwa?

Hindi: Keya ap angrezi bolte hain?

Indonesian: Dapatkah anda berbicara bahasa inggris?

Japanese: Eigo wa dekimasu ka?

Khmer: Niak jeh phiasaa awngle te?

Kinyarwanda: Uvuga icyongereza?

Lao: Jao paak phaasaa a̖ngkít dai baw?

Papiamento: Bo por papia Ingles?

Punjabi: Tusi angreji bolde ho?

Quechua: Inlista rimankichu?

Romanian: Vorbiți engleza?

Romansh: Discurras ti englais?

Samoan: E te iloa tautala fa'aIgilisi?

Sardinian: Faeddas s'inglesu?

Sesotho: O a bua Senyesemane? Na o a bua Senyesemane?

Sicilian: Parra inglisi?

Sinhala: Oba ingreesi kathaa karanavadha?

The word "Hello" in different languages
The word "Hello" in different languages

Somali: Ingriis miyaad ku hadashaa?

Spanish: ¿Habla Usted ingles?

Swahili: Unazungumza kiingereza?

Tahitian: Ua ite oe i te parau Marite?

Telugu: Meeru nuvvu aanglam aangla bhasha matladagalara va?

Thai: Kun poot paa-saa ang-grìt reu bplao?

Tigrinya: Englizgna Tzarebdo?

Tongan: ‘Oku ke lava ‘o lea faka-palangi?

Turkish: Ingilizce konusuyor musun?

Tuvaluan: Koe e faipati faka-'Palagi?

Voro: Kas sa konolot inglüse kiilt?

Wolof: Ndax degg nga angale?

Yucatec Maya: Teeche' a tsiikbal ingles?

Zazaki: To Englezki zanena?

Zulu: Ukhuluma isiNgisi na?

International Mother Language Day Celebration in Bangladesh
International Mother Language Day Celebration in Bangladesh | Source


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    • tehjib profile imageAUTHOR

      Kudrat-E-Khuda Barat 

      8 years ago from Bangladesh

      Farhin, Thanks :D

    • tehjib profile imageAUTHOR

      Kudrat-E-Khuda Barat 

      8 years ago from Bangladesh

      Thanks technician27 for stopping by.

      I have added it :)

    • farhin s kabir profile image

      Farhin Sohan Kabir 

      8 years ago from Dhaka, Bangladesh

      thats an useful hub :D

    • technician27 profile image


      8 years ago

      Turkish missing

      Ingilizce konusuyor musun?


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