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How to spend vacations at dormitory?

Updated on February 5, 2016

Staying at dormitory for a long stretched vacation while other students are travelling is quite an unpleasant feeling, especially if your best friends are travelling too. But the best part is that you’re are not all alone at your dorm, many other students at your dormitory will also be staying during vacation. Be it a winter vacation or a summer vacation, you can always have some good and quality time being all alone during the vacations. All you need is a good internet, some money and a healthy and happy yourself.

1.Why not watch all those favorite movies and seasons again that once were your most favorite ones? Believe me! It’s a definite fun to bring back all those beautiful and cheerful memories of your childhood and teenage. Download them all and watch them every day at your feasible time. Set up some good sound system and arrange some snacks and enjoy all those movies and seasons again and fall in love with them all over again. My all-time favorite season is 'Mind your Language', the 4 seasons are a great therapy if you're feeling down or you want to laugh. Try watching it over if you haven't watched it yet and you will surely enjoy the amazing work by all the artists in the season.

2. Learn something new this vacation! A new software, a new dance, new exercise, or even a new baking technique. You can learn anything new regarding whatever you love and enjoy doing the most. If you don't know how to swim, you can join swimming classes and learn this amazing skill. If you love Chinese language you can start leaning some basic Chinese during vacations. If you love baking but haven't done it before, you can grab some easy and yummy recipes and start baking amazing cakes, cookies, pizza or pastas. It is a great way to spend a very enjoyable time during the long boring vacations.

3. Love travelling? Then why not start exploring all those places which you’ve always wanted to explore? You do not need a lot of money to do that, you can use a cheapest mode of transport and spend a good time at your favorite places all by yourself without any interruptions. Grab some good food like sandwiches or fruits and spend a long stretched day at a beautiful place and witness the beauty of life and nature all by yourself.

4. Make some new friends and enrich your circle and explore different lifestyles. You can find students from multiple states or cities or even from different countries at your dormitory who are also spending vacations with you at the same dormitory. You can be friends with them and share your food, clothes and exchange some gifts while they do the same. You both will get a good get together every day or every week and will spend some good time at dormitory.

5. Starting earning with whatever skill you possess or whatever you think you can learn in few days and start earning some money out of your new skill. The internet has made our lives way too easier, you can earn some good amount of money by simply doing what you like and by giving your clients a satisfactory results. There are hundreds of websites online that offer you online work and you can choose the ones you are good at, it is a great way to earn some pocket money and spend it at your own choice.

6. Future planning is also a very engaging and pleasant thing to do while you are spending your vacations at dormitory. Usually our lives are so busy that we do not even get enough time to sit and think only of ourselves and wonder what we need and what we want in our near future. Vacations are usually a good time to wonder about future possibilities and plan your route to your dreams in a detailed and reliable way.

7. Do something that you’ve never done before! It is far most my favorite activity for vacations at dormitory. 'Something' means anything. Start living for yourself, learn a new hobby or do what other thinks you can’t do. In short, bring some positive changes in yourself. Start enjoying being all by yourself and start doing something that is new or challenging for you, and surprise yourself with the wonderful time that you’ll spend doing what you have never done before.

8. Spread smiles around you. It is obvious that you’ll have lesser students on your floor than the ordinary semester workdays. So, you, together with few more students can plan a get together or throw a party, maybe a one-dish party, where everyone will cook anything in some quantity and you can all share your food with each other and have chit chats or some games or some dance. It is surely a cheerful way of spending your boring vacation with students or staff around you.

What is your favorite activity for vacations?

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© 2016 Syeda Akhtar


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