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Proving God's Existence

Updated on July 10, 2020
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Nokwazi an Entrepreneur holding a qualifications in Cost and Management Accounting.

Prayer is one of The best unique acts that Leads into seeing God existence.

Existence of God

Existence of God

We can't get away from the fact that the world is divided into two. Others do not believe in the existence of God while some believe in the existence of God. Around the world throughout the social medias there are debate, arguments and different Groups created pertaining the existence of God. In other groups they even compare science and God, which is literally the main point in which the existence of God is being confused.

What is God

God is an unknown,God can't be seen nor detected,God is what we call the limit of the universe and all that is in it.God is not Something to be seen but God can be heard, Normally it's takes a Wiser Man to believe in what he hears.Believing in what you hear is by Grace so as Believing in the existence of God.

There are claims that if God exists why we seeing such Horrific things happening around the world, taking into consideration Deaths, Hunger, Crime etc. Proving the existence of God is not based on Deaths, Crime etc. A Coin to be Coin needs to have two side. Looking at one side of story it basically won't prove any Point, either way we are the ones who are reliable for Deaths,Hunger etc, Nobody in the world can Say that I Saw God stabbing somebody,But there are who can stand up and say I saw him stabbing her, Nobody can say I saw God taking away food from People.we Humans are the main Cause of Such we are basically a threat to ourselves yet denying it.

Science and God

Science plays a crucial role in life on Earth while God is Responsible for the whole universe. The fact that's sciences proves what we can see and people believe in it just because they can see it that doesn't mean it an answer to everything on top of that's it's cannot be majored to God, it's like trying to make Oil to dissolve in water, it's like trying to remove salt from the ocean. We humans we may not be limited here on earth but we are limited to things pertaining God.

One believes what they want to believe in, Your mind is what your inner self want it to be.
So if you don't want to believe that God exists eventually you won't see an existence of God because your inner self has been locked from seeing the existence of God

Why do we have different religions if we have only one God??

An answer to that question is just simple,we have different kinds of races, with different cultures, living in different parts of the world exposed to different things automatically the way we praise God is different but at the end of the day we are all praying to one God. That's what makes living on earth to be special, imagine if earth was only filled with only one race, it's wouldn't be so interesting, it's was going to be boring knowing that you just growing up to know only one culture but now we grow up have interest in learning different cultures and the way things are done so we worship God differently. Well there are individuals who misuse the religion on they own benefits
People who make use of religion to make they own wealth, people who abuse religion for they own self interest, we don't have that's kind of person's only in the religion part but we have them all over the world in politics, Business, companies, schools and mostly even at our own homes we will always have people who bring about bad name of that's particular subject or objects.

Some usually claim religion is just all fiction stories written by a drunk author ,some even refer to it as a fairytale. Even if but still it saves lives one cannot see it now but it does. Imagine what can the world be without a religion?. Religion keeps us into place, enables individuals to be able to differentiate between wrong and right. Everything in life has it own role, everything we know, claim to know and don't know still plays it role in life.


God is not something to be proved, but to be believed. The only way to see the existence of God is through believing, basically you can't see the existence of God if you don't believe. First believe then you will see God's existence.

Lastly Science plays it crucial role in the world,so as God for the entire universe. There is distinct difference between science and God, they can't be compared so as they both play a crucial role to life on Earth. If one doesn't believe in God existence so why compare with science?? And if the one doesn't believe in science why compare it to God?? Is just you who can't believe. The size of the universe is still unknown that why they say it infinity,nobody has been in the sun because there is Still no suite that's can protect one from the extreme unexplainable heat of the sun yet. In life we don't have all the answers of life so as having the answers for some of things in life doesn't mean we can get all the answers that we need about earth.

As a person do what you want to believe in.

As a life on Earth, seeing the Existence of God is different from somebody else,so you can't copy from someone else thinking that it will work for you. Pastor etc are there To Guide you and push you closer or towards seeing God's existence

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nokwazi Yvonne


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