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How to stay fit by following a juice diet

Updated on October 23, 2017
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Fed up of drinking same beverages every day? If your answer is yes, then keep reading this article. brings you everything you need to know about juices. We will tell you about various juice recipes that will excite your taste buds and boost your health. We will also give you reviews about juice reviews, juice cleansing and various juice diets that you can follow. You may also have heard about juice fasting, you will get all the information that you require relating to the topic in this article.

First, if all we need to discuss the need to eat fruits. Fruits cover a wide range of minerals and vitamins. They are good for our health and always make a great option for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They are also very helpful in controlling many diseases in kids and adults. Eating fruits not only reduces the risk of many diseases but they also make you strong. The water content in fruits is very high which makes the skin of a person hydrated and glowing. They have many antioxidants which fight with free radicals that enter or are present in a person body.

Fruits are high in fibre so the help everyone to get rid of the extra fat in the body. They make your whole body glow. They also boost your brain power as they help the immune system in fighting inflammation. They keep the digestive system of a person very good and in a proper working condition. They make you feel fresh and energize the whole body physically and mentally.

Now, the first question that arises in everyone’s mind is how to follow juice diet? Everyone has included fruits in their everyday life and they consume fruits once or twice a day. As the name suggests fruit diet seems like a diet that contains only fruits, which is true but this is not for dieting purposes. Fruit diet is healthy as it consists of different kinds of fruits that provide you all the required vitamins, mineral and fats for your body. This diet also includes dairy products and these products are strictly recommended by all the dieticians. It includes fruits, vegetables, dries fruits, nuts and seeds.

Fruits are high in vitamins, minerals, fibres, and antioxidants. Consuming these for a period of time reduces the risk of various dangerous diseases like heart diseases, cancer, type-2 diabetes, and obesity. However, holding on to this diet for a long time may be harmful to you. This diet should not go longer than three days. If you get some health problems after third days, consult your doctor. Also, don’t go on a fruit diet suddenly, your body may experience it as a shock and react negatively. Keep working on it day by day; keep increasing fruits into your diet slowly and steadily.

Fruit fasting is the best method to lose weight naturally and without actually dieting. Apple, grapes and citrus fruits are the best and suggested fruit for fasting. This is a good method for internal cleansing and detox. This is the best option for those who are new to fasting; one-day fruit fast is really helpful for their body for instigation of healing. Fruit fasting may give you some problems like a headache, cough, sore throat and body aches but if something like this happens then remember that this is just a sign of successful cleansing. It improves the quality of your health.

Consume a lot of water in the day, at least 12 glasses and eat fruits. You must find ways to relax your mind and body. Always take a good sleep because sleep helps the body to recover faster. Fruit fasting is the best effort that you can make for your body betterment. Other than apples and citrus fruits you can also use watermelon, pineapple, and banana.

Juice cleansing is a form of detox cleansing. You can do it according to your convenience; it can go from days to weeks. In juice cleansing, the only thing you consume is juices made if vegetables and fruits. You have to completely cut off whatever else you eat and survive just on juices made from fruits and vegetables. This is really helpful for your body because it will get rid of toxins that are accumulated over a long period of time and give it time to heal. It will definitely help you lose the extra fat out of your body but also will be good for your brain and heart.

You must remember to abstain yourself from eating anything. In the beginning start this cleansing from a time period of five days, slowly with time as your body starts to accept it, increase the time. Extract the juice out early in the morning and then consume it for the whole day. Along with it drink plenty of water and do light exercise. Juice fasting may come up with some health problems like feeling nauseous so consult your doctor before you start.

What is a juice extractor?

To do all this, the fruit diet, fruit fasting, and juice cleansing all you need is fruits and a juicer. A juicer is very important equipment in everyday life. If you buy bottled or canned juices, there will always be a risk of pre-addition of sugars and other health destroying stuff but if you have a juicer at home all you need to do is to get your favourite fruits and vegetables from the market and extract juice from them. Moreover, if you like to decide your fruit diets and don’t go with those that are available in market pre-prepared, then buying a juicer is a necessity for you. Moreover, the juices that we get in the market are not fresh. They lose their nutrition content as they stale being kept on supermarket shelves for a long time.

You can prepare various juice recipes when you have a juicer at home like ginger zinger juice. Use two medium apples five carrots, half an inch of fresh ginger and one-fourth lemon. Juice all these ingredients and drink immediately. Another juices that you can start with are tropi kale juice(one fourth fresh pineapple, four kale leaves, one ripe banana), antioxidant blast juice( two medium beets cut into quarters, one cup blueberries, one cup half hulled strawberries), immune booster juice( two oranges ,one fourth lemon, one medium apple and half inch fresh ginger) and many more. You just have to mix all the ingredients together in the juicer and drink them.

Knowing the need of juicer we provide you with all kind of juicers. Like, The dash slow juicer JB250ss, Hurom elite HH- sbb11 slow juicer, The vonsheff digital slow juicer, Exceptional quality juicer- acme 6001 juicerator, A no-nonsense dual-speed juicer, Jb085ss juicer

P.S. This is not a sponsored post.

So, we know that health is a very important factor for everyone in today’s life and everyone must work in order to maintain and improve it. So, using fruits to do so is a good option. This is because of fruits are natural food and also natural cleansers for our body. Bringing them into our daily diet will not only boost our metabolism but will detoxify our system.

To do so we provide you with various juicers which will be helpful to get juices of all the fruits and you can prepare them according to your wish and fresh. Similarly, vegetables provide us the similar health benefits. They provide us with various vitamins and minerals. They help us in boosting our metabolism and raw vegetables are also a good detox option. Vegetables are green and contain cellulose in a much larger content than fruits, so they may prove to be a better weight loss method than fruits. Hence, fruit diet, fruit fasting, and juice cleansing should be brought in everyone’s lifestyle.

A healthy outside is reflection of inside. Drinking juice heals and detoxifies the body. It helps in weight loss and vitamin absorption too. As fruits are tasteful in eating so they decrease your cravings for fast foods and snacks. So drinking fruits and vegetable juices is a helpful and contributing factor in taking care of your health and everyone must try including fruits, vegetables into their diet.

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