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How to stay positive Part 2

Updated on March 7, 2017

Train your mind

When your mind travels to a negative place and you feel the need to lash out. Try holding your tongue and thinking of a more positive way to think and speak. Use good low tones that are not offensive and can be received as loving. Ask yourself if there is a nicer way you can say this. Or if a negative thought pops in your head,swipe it away as you would a fly. Do this mentally every time a negative thought comes in,and then replace it with a positive one. For example: Ugh," I really wish my boss would stop talking so much". We can change that to," My boss is long winded but he is very thorough and pays attention to detail." That's one way to change a negative into a positive. Just try to see the sliver lining in every situation,and try to see the good in every person. It's easy to focus on a person's negative attributes but if we think about it long enough,they probably have more positive than negative. Dig deep, and soon this will be like second nature to you. Training your mind can also be beneficial in other ways, not just for thinking positive. However, thinking positive leads to more positive thoughts,positive thoughts leads to positive actions, those positive actions can lead you to a life time of positive behaviors.


Bounce back

Learning how to become more resilient in your everyday life will help you be more positive. Things happen everyday and some of those things are not always positive. However, we can choose to not let them effect us in a negative way. The world doesn't stop spinning because bad things happen how we handle them will help us in the long run. For any situation that may have us down we can bounce back and be better than before. Let's say your beloved pet passes on to the after life. Yes you will be sad and will probably not feel like yourself for a while,but you can choose to remember the good times and move on from there. Unexpected things happen but it's our bounce back abilities that will help us get through it. Give your self time to grieve and then give yourself time to no longer grieve but to get back to your normal self.



Candles that are infused with different oils and herbs help to aid are immune system. When we smell a good or familiar scent it gives us a feeling of joy. How many times have you smelled fresh cookies backing and a smile came to your face? Well candles can have that same effect on you, it's a way to positively trigger your body through your olfactory bulb. Smell is one of our five senses and when we tap into our senses, it brings other things out of us. For example if you light a candle and it smells like a fresh beach day, then you can reminiscence on a time when you had a good time at the beach. What about the fresh linen scent,that's a great scent that always brings a smile and possibly a fond memory. What scents speaks to you in a positive way? Purchase candles with scents that make you feel good and give you a great feeling. Or you can try your hand at making your own and infusing your candle with positive smelling triggers.


Become a big brother/Mentor

If we can inspire anyone in this world, that's a great accomplishment. We may have something valuable to teach another younger human being. When you become a mentor it strengths your belief in people,that people can actually give back and encourage each other. Encourage someone to be the best them or helping them to cope with the obstacles they may face. It's a wonderful feeling to help and be of service. Even if it's something that you do periodically when you have time, once you make this commitment you have the power to touch lives in a major way. This joy is a positive for you and the person your mentoring. It's a way to pay it forward and spread good healthy positiveness in your life.


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