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How to survive with 10 euros a day in Munich, Germany

Updated on September 2, 2012

The last Champion's Leage final match was played in Münich, Germany and me and a couple of friends decided to go over there and enjoy the party and the people that the game would bring. We decided on it last minute, so we were not able to get tickets for the actual game but we did get to see the game with a huge crowd in the English Garden. However, for the flight we spent around 50 euros each and we were very short on money at the time. We decided we would not let this stop us and we ended up doing the trip with nothing but the flight to Münich and the flight back home planned. We brought some money but it was clearly not enough and we made it a priority to have fun so most of it was spent on beer. We where there for 4 days and during these 4 days we learned the most effective ways to survive in the big city by spending only around 10 euros a day. Let me tell you, it was not easy. Nonetheless, we will spare you a lot of suffering with this guide on the most effective ways to survive with the least amount of money. As a side note, the drinking/partying is not included on those 10 euros. That money is strictly for surviving.


I will be straight forward with you, this is the worst part of them all. During our trip, by the end of the night our bodies would be destroyed because of the walking around, dancing, screaming, drinking, etc., this made it much easier to fall asleep in any situation but still, we suffered. However, there is pain that you can spare. Our first night was by far the worst of them all. After coming back from a bar we were walking through the English Garden trying to find a decent place to sleep. At a certain point of our trip, we were beaten by the fatigue and we decided to sleep on the grass at the side of the main dirt road. It wasn't exactly summer and thank god it was not winter but we felt the cold, all night long. This is the first advice and it will probably be the most important one. Carry a backpack with you. You don't need to bring many things, but make sure you bring some extra long pants/jeans and a long sleeved sweater. At the time I was there during the night the sun was up, it was hot and nice so I though I would be fine with my v-neck t-shirt, and my jeans. Big mistake. As the night came and the sun left also did the heat and along came cold and humidity. Some of us where lucky enough to bring a sweater or even a flag but I was unlucky. Also, sleeping on grass is not a very good idea. After thinking it through, it would have been a better idea to sleep on the dirt road since we woke up in the morning and everything itched and, of course, we didn't have a place to shower. After this horrifying experience we decided to be more selective on the place we slept. I know, you can't be selective when you are living on the street but i would recommend to be just a little bit selective. And for the second night we found the best place you could possibly go the sleep in the whole city. Just this is a huge survival tip when surviving in Münich. The terminal station, the main train station in the city (its fucking huge you can't miss it) has a waiting room. For the people that have to wait long periods for their trains. Its open 24 hours and open to everybody you don't have to pay a dime to sleep under a roof. You will need to be cold blooded, get there with a strong attitude, look at everybody in the room with you, inspect them, notice if they are looking at you, maybe the hold some threat to you. Find your seat, as separated from the rest of the people in the room as you can, lie on the floor and sleep. A good tip is to keep your backpack on your back and lie down on it, maybe pull it up a little bit to make it more comfortable but lie on it and nobody will touch it. Münich is not a dangerous place at all but its better to be preciosity. I remember the first night there we slept with two french prostitutes, old and filthy, and vagabonds on each side. At the moment we were not more than them, just looking for a place to sleep, but can't be to careful. In the morning a janitor walks into the room to clean and wakes everybody up with a pleasant "good morning!" in german, of course. I would recommend to leave when he wakes you up. The police will be the next to walk into the room and if they find anything unusual with you, you might get into trouble. After 8 am, approximation, the room becomes a normal waiting room with normal people waiting for their train. Don't be ashamed to walk in there looking clean and get some sleep if you need it. In whole, the terminal station waiting room is a great place to sleep. You can always count on it and it will give you the protection you need. Although sleeping is the toughest part of your survival there is one big thing in its favor, you will not spend a cent on a place to sleep.


Cheer up, your eating will not be bad during your survival in Münich. The tips I will give you in this section are the ones hardest to come around since there are so many mistakes you can make while handling your money. Nonetheless, after 4 days of survival in Münich we found the cheapest and most pleasant ways to keep your stomach full during your trip. As a piece of advice, don't let your stomach make the decisions. The first thing is what you are going to be drinking. Water is present at various locations around the city for free that you can enjoy. However, we found an alternative, a much much better alternative. In the main train station (if looking directly at the train the top far corner to your right), a few meters from the place you will be sleeping in there is a small store where you grab what you want, take it to the counter, pay an leave. Simple. Entering the store go left to the bottom corner of the store and next to you you will find milk. Look for some glass bottles that have one half liter of chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavored milk and cost only 1 euro. In all of Münich, these milk bottles are by far the best thing you could spend your money in when surviving. Why? They are milk so they fill up your stomach, they are very tasty specially when you are very hungry and for half a liter of milk they are very cheap. You can be hungry as hell, hungover and tired but one of these bottles will make you good as new and ready for your next adventure. Remember, those milk bottles are essential for your survival in Münich. Now, for something solid to put in your stomach i have two words for you, fast food. Its fast, its cheap and its food. Münich is a pretty big city so there are various fast food restaurants around. The best option for us was McDonald's for the following reasons. You can find a McDonald's almost everywhere, they are easy to find because of their signs and they are everywhere. They close like at 2 am in the morning and open like at 8 so they are available whenever you need them, almost. And finally, they have hamburgers for 1 euro. Plain and simple cheeseburgers or normal burger for 1 dollar will fill up your stomach for a low cost. There is one other big thing that McDonald's did for us that we discovered with much luck and it brought us much much fortune. The second night we where in Münich we where drinking next to the main train station when we decided to get a night snack before we moved to the bar. Two of us decided to go to McDonald's and get some hamburgers and the two others went for the hunt of tobacco. Me and my survival partner located to nearest McDonald's easily and headed that way, it was around 1 or 2 am. We got there and they where closing. Out of desperation and hunger we begged the employer to let us be the last clients of the night. He, being a great man, let us in. That is when we found out something incredible. He told us he would go to the back (of the store) and see what he had left since they where not making hamburgers any more. He came back with 4 different hamburgers and told us that they normally dispose of what they have left in the store when they close so he asked us for, and I quote, 1 or 2 euros and we could take the food. We though we had witnessed a miracle, until we came back the night after that and did the same thing and it worked. Fast food restaurants make a bunch of food, sell what they can and throw away what they have left at the end of the night. You might run very lucking and get a lot of food for almost nothing, or just lucky and get food for almost nothing. You can't lose. But, don't expect someone to come looking for you begging to eat his hamburger. You need to go to the restaurant and ask for it, but its worth it. This way you will get to eat spending very little money. And remember, don't let your stomach do all the thinking, if you are patient you might be rewarded with much more than what you expect for.


The first two, points are obviously the most important but there is no point in going to Münich if you are not going to have a look around. Can you walk? Yes. Most of the things you are going to want to see are close to the main train terminal station. For the reasons listed before, you want to always be close to the main terminal station. Nonetheless, you might save yourself a lot of time by using the public transport. However, this costs money. It is not cheap and it falls out of your 10 euro budget. I do not support this in any way, but if you find yourself in a trouble some situation (and you probably will) you could use this tip. Don't try to get on the buses, its risky. Use the subway station and that strange train that doesn't go underground but it ain't a bus either (they have a special name for it but I forget it, you can recognize it because the stations have a big "S"). You can literally walk into the subway without any trouble. This cities actually trust you. In any situation that you might find fit just go to the subway and use it, it is very easy to understand and very accessible so it will take you literally anywhere you might need to go in the city. Even if you need to go to the minor airports near the city, the subway can take you there. It is a much more complicated process but its possible. If you are going to a place not far from the main train station, I recommend you walk. Near the station there are many places that might be of you might enjoy and you will miss them if you take the subway everywhere.


This point is minor compared to the others but it is a tip I can give you for your survival in Münich. There is nothing that keeps your spirit up like keeping yourself clean. You will look better and smell better and this will bring many benefits. Of course, this depends a lot on the person you are. You might not give it any importance but I do and I found it helpful in my survival. There is not much I can tell you about this. Use the bathrooms in the main train terminal station (of course) they are clean and not many people use them. I believe there are bathrooms around the city that you pay to use, I don't think I need to remind you but we are running on a low budget here so I would recommend you save it for food.

Well, this is the end of my survival guide to surviving in Münich with 10 euros per day. I believe I have included everything I learned from my experience and I hope i brings you help with yours. If you are going to have an experience like my own in Münich let me know if you learn of any new survival tip to include. For now this is all I know. Münich is a beautiful city and I hope to go back there some other time, maybe for some more time but probably with the same amount of money. Have fun.



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