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How to teach kids about composting worms

Updated on August 20, 2011

One of the many fun activities that you can engage your kids into would be worm farming. Composting with worms will not only teach your children to recycle organic materials through this process, they will also be introduced to a worms life cycle, as well as the many other benefits to using these earth wonders.

Teach your kids the life cycle of earthworms

Composting worms will evolve through time, and the reproduction starts when two worms pair-off. Your kids might not understand this just yet, so you can probably start them off by showing them some worm cocoons. Also called as Vermipods, these egg casings contain several baby worms; and these new worms will only hatch when the ideal temperature is met. Now, as soon as they hatch out from their egg/s, they will eventually turn into young worms. Gradually progressing into adult worms that will soon be capable of producing their own brood of worms.

Teach your kids how compost worms turn organic wastes into a garden resource

Show your kids the basics to vermicomposting. Walk them through the process by buying worms as a start. You may help them find materials for composting, such as an old plastic trash bin that can be turned into a make-shift composter, as well as some organic scraps at home that can be used as bedding and food for the worms. Also assist them in drilling holes around the bin (make sure that you’re the primary holder of the drill to avoid any accidents), and explain to them that worms need oxygen to breathe.

Teach your kids the value of compost worms

Compost worms aren’t just your average garbage-eater. They are also able to produce a nutrient-rich material out of their organic diet; and this worm by-product is called worm castings. This high-quality substance can be used on both garden soil and plants; and can be immediately used as a fertilizer, soil conditioner, and as a natural pest control product.

Teach your kids how earthworms can be used as food for other animals

You can also show your kids that worms aren’t just for composting. Composting worms such as red wiggler worms can also be used as bait for fish. Other than that, these red wiggler worms can also be fed to other animals (feed these protein-rich worms to pet turtles, birds, etc.) as a live food source.


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