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How to treat a bee's sting?

Updated on August 30, 2015

A bee's sting

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How to treat Bee Stings
If one is ever stung by a bee, the sting could be treated in the respective ways:---
First of all remove the stinger immediately, If you notice a little black speck in the wound then it means part of the stinger is lying into your skin.Scraping across the skin with anything hard may remove the stinger try and squeeze some blood out of the place where the bee has stung .

  • Apply a solution of1:4 ratio meat tenderizer(one) and water(four). Papain, the enzyme presentin the meat tenderizer, helps to break down the protein in bee's venom ,apply it only for thirty minutes or it may irritate the skin. You may also apply antiperspirant. Aluminum Chlorohydrate lessens the effect of the bee's venom.
  • Apply ice or cold water for half an hour if you are stung by the bee. This reduces the body's allergic response after being stung by a bee .
  • An antihistamine such as Benadryl orPhinsadryal syrup(Antihistamines are used as treatment for allergies), taken orally may provide relief, and prevent the reaction from spreading.though it may make you drowsy. never drive a car after taking antihistamine .
  • Apply calamine lotion it will help to cool the stung area or apply some wet paste of yellow mud (gachi mud )you can apply the paste made of baking soda and water it has a similar effect and it relives the pain on the stung area of the may apply alum to reduce the redness and itching.rubbing camphor in coconut oil also gives a cooling effect.
  • Give ibuprofen for systemic pain relief.
  • Different children react differently to the bee's sting. Bee stings cause immediate, painful red bumps and rashes.In most cases, the pain disappears within few hours, though swelling may not stay until the next day.
  • A physician should be consulted if the reaction continues to spread .Systemic reactions such as hives, redness, or swelling elsewhere on the body,vomiting, dizziness, hoarseness, thickness in speech, or problem in breathing, should seek immediate medical help.Moreover see a doctor if there are more than a couple of stings, or if the stings were inside the nose ear or mouth, as it may interfere with breathing and hearing.
  • Some times stings kill people especially children ,so do not leave it to heal itself take all the necessary precautions immediately.


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