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University Study . Ways to get top grades College or University?

Updated on August 8, 2011

University Study. Ways to get top grades at University- That was a general question asked by one of the contributors to hub-pages. At the outset it helps if you have the right genes. Further If your parents were academics and fostered an atmosphere that education in life is so so important. This again gives a student a natural advantage.

However for those of us that were left to our own devices. There is hope in-fact more than hope that you can excel at university. The sooner you start to develop good study techniques the better. This by the way does not include spending every afternoon in the Uni Bar. Although some social interaction and discourse will help smooth the way.

The libraries will I am sure contain some good books on study techniques.

As well it helps a great deal if you study for some time everyday to re-enforce what you have learned that day. Psychologists call this positive reinforcement.

It is also important to get a clear idea on what the particular lecturer wants. What he or she uses in the formulation of his or her assessment criteria.

It also helps if you enjoy the subject that you are studying. If you don't it makes it that much harder.

Properly note-taking and start getting your assignments together early have to give you the advantage of those that cobble together an assignment at the last minute.

As far as preparation for study preparation is essential to maximising your learning experience. Find out what to study before each lecture. Do this for about an hour. Then after the lecture review your notes together with the notes from your pr-lecture study time. Do this on the same day as your lecture. In a day or so review again the study and learning points that you did on lecture day.

Hope these tips help.


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