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Career Planning

Updated on December 30, 2012

Career, Planning and Development

How To Choose Your Career


The choice of a career is a subject that touches everyone in life. If you are old, is a serious matter you must help out the young so that they will not have the same pit fall you have or so that they will live happy and fulfilled as you are. And if you are young is a vital issue of the now that needs a serious attention, for a destiny that is not planed will end up in crises.

Career planning is a puzzle that needs to be solved to remove the inevitable road blocks in the future. Indeed many young people have neglected this and a lot old people have agreed that it is the compass that helps them navigate their way to a glorious future. It is true that it is a challenge that at the point where one chooses his profession or career; is a position most times that one is ignorant or unaware of the career he should be choosing. However it is important for one to seek help, let’s seek to be educated.

Choosing a career is something one needs to choose very early in life, even in the primary school level. Most of our parents and guidance have this inclination that makes them ask children what they want to be in future, and they say to the best of their knowledge and there has being evidences where most of that declaration made by that little child becomes the career of that child in reality. Here we say that to discover the full range of jobs that exit in our society, you can be expose through your friends, family members classmates and teachers. Though at this level of discovery the majority of these careers are only known by names, until a proper research is made on it.

It should be the role of the parents and career centers to help guide a child to chose a profession or career; that is a prove to the little exhibition of his talent or gift which is in line to the subject he is passing very well in school.

A child should not be forced to choose a career he doesn’t like or admire and never what the family like for him, for this in turn will ruin the career of a child.

Money should not be the only factor in chosen a career today because a job that is lucrative today might be low tomorrow.

The best way of planning a career is not to enter a “hot” field that is “invoke”. Planning for a career is not chosen a major that is directly related to the career I’m choosing knowing too well that I’m not good in such courses. Finally, is not that I should have a clear idea of what I wanted before I go to the career panning center at my school knowing that a guide is two import.

Career planning should be an adventure that involve continuous exploration and these are effective ways to plan your career.

1. Planning for a career needs a person to choose the right subject that will lead you to the right course.

2. Career is actually not what we discover but what we choose and create a career out of it.

3. I can plan a career in a field that I enjoy. Even in fields that are highly competitive, there are still a lot of opportunities for the qualified and skilful one. In a constantly challenging labor market; following your own interest and values can be just as reliable as chasing current trend.

4. I can choose a major that interest me and balance it with activities to enhance my career. For careers are handled by living creatures and therefore one has to find fulfillment in them.

5. Career planning services are designed for people who have not yet chosen a career or those who are not finding fulfillment in theirs. Therefore I must use career planning services to gain clarity about my future. You can further ask the career counselors about skills assessments that can help you discover more about your unique skill and secure is its relevant job or career.

In Africa my own part of the world, there has been a lot of evidences where the courses, professions or careers people chooses in life tends not to bring him to lime light, non give him fulfillment in life. In fact in Africa up to 70% of peoples career are dump for another career; though this could be as a result of wrong choices of career. Secondly it could be as a result of fear introduced to a person when he truly became fully aware of the practical demand of such a career or lost of interest to that particular career. Finally it could be a result of late discovery of one’s talent and its development; I belive this could not be the same in the western world.

However it is import to note that change is eminent when we know we are not in the right direction (when we have made mistake in choosing our career). The true is when we discover we will truly recover.


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    • antigravity profile image

      antigravity 3 years ago

      Making the right career choice is a tough task, and should be very carefully done.