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Hubpages' First Interactive Short Story Part 2

Updated on September 7, 2008

The story picks up from where it paused 2 weeks ago

Part one of the story can be found here: Hubpages' First Interactive Short Story

I am all confused. Why should so much happen to one person within a span of couple of months. Will he make it?

23 January 2008, Monday, Cloudy

Mr Bradley still had not woken up today. Mrs Bradley was holding his right hand and talking to him softly. John, his thirteen year old son, was holding his left hand and gently squeezing it. It was looking gloomy now the coma had continued for 10 days. I can’t recall the last time a patient in the same situation had woken up and recovered. But then, Mr Bradley’s guardian angel had worked wonders before…

30 January 2008, Monday, Sunny

Never say never, in clinical medicine, and life. Mr Bradley woke up all of a sudden today. He appeared to have regained full brain function in spite of the 17 days of coma behind him. He was tired but asked about what happened. Mrs Bradley promised to tell him the details later but bade him to take a good rest.

6 February 2008, Monday

Mr Bradley was discharged today. He had brushed shoulders with death yet again and walked away unharmed, thanks to modern medicine and his liver donor, or was it Lady Luck. Doctors are left dumb-found and humbled by anecdotes like this. I certainly am.

6 September 2008, Saturday

I didn’t know how to react to this. It was in this morning’s local news. Mr Bradley took an overdose of sleeping pill and died last night. He had apparently suffered overwhelming losses in the stock and commodity markets. The reporter suggested that he had committed suicide to get the family out of debts and leave them a life insurance payout. With due respect to the dead and his family, I couldn’t help but feel that medicine might offer help to save a man from his illness, but almost never from himself.


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    • profile image

      siyu2007 9 years ago

      Dear Dr Yeung, I think this story's ending is even more attractive. Thank you for sharing about your life's wisdom through the story. Very meaningful!!!

    • Benson Yeung profile image

      Benson Yeung 9 years ago from Hong Kong

      This story was a little experiment to see whether readers are interested in providing endings to stories or participating in the creation of the story. I had only one response from Siyu. She requested a happy ending. My apologies to Siyu. Mr Bradley did wake up from the coma. However, in my somewhat limited experience with life, luck and fortune, a man simply can't keep on overdrawing his good luck, and hence the current ending.

      My apologies to Siyu.